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I was in a car accident on Wednesday which was not my fault.

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I was in a car accident on Wednesday which was not my fault. I was sitting at traffic lights waiting for the light to go green when another car rammed in to the back of me and pushed my car in to the one in front. I was taken to hospital with suspected
neck injuries. I am ok, but suffered whiplash etc. I understand that the insurance companies will claim from front to back? My policy does not have any legal cover and I have a £300 excess. I have already been told my car will be written off with £10,000 of
damage (some ram eh?!). I also have no access to a courtesy car as they will not be repairing it. Without a car I cannot get to work, although I can do some work from home. My question is, can I claim costs from the insurance company of the guy who hit me
for: 1. hiring a car until I can get another 2. any loss of earnings through not being able to get to work 3. the £300 excess I will have to pay my insurance company? Should I be considering anything else given the hassle this is going to cause me through
no fault of my own? Thanks.
You should be entitled to claim both the costs of loss of earnings and if you can not afford to buy a new car the costs of hire. You will need to shop around for the best price and I would recommend that you keep quotes etc. You should also advise the other insurers that you are hiring a car as this can become an issue on settlement. I hope that helps. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. What about the £300 excess? Am I entitled to claim that too?
Yep - you will be allowed to claim that as well if they are liable. Please rate positive. Thanks
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