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How do I get get access to my car that has been impounded by

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How do I get get access to my car that has been impounded by the Met Police on 27.11 o 0300 for not aving adequate insurance cover - it has since been hheld at the Charlton Police Pound. Whe I had finally all papers including mney to be the enalty and new insurance i went ready to pick it up on 11.11 but the officeri in charge back then told me to return on 12.11 2015. I did as I was told tbut bythen iwas one day over the 14 day period and that day I was told my car had been taken away to an unknown place. I queire /emakled and called al possibe MET police numbrs but all saiud theyb had no reord. The main aucioner house JOhn Pyr , branch Edmonto London told me after I founfd out that they handle most of the car MET car pounds disposals and their files stated a memeberof staff kindly told me yesterdaty that my car NT04 GVJ) is in thier system shown as being still held at the Charlton PolicePound. The car is a Golf 2004 in god cndition but with many miles on but my most important asset and and livelhood are my locksmith tools which had been in th backseat of the car - their value is app£3,000 and iare the basis of me earning a living - I am a trainsed and ceritied locsmith i London and I cant do my work - I esperately need to get access to them - how can I take/regain possession?? written/filed on behalf of Mr Ashkab Mezhidov by me - his friend Alex Insam
Was the vehicle insured?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Vehicle was not properly insures - police was correct in impounding it
Ok. Has your car actually been sold at auction?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No - whereabouts of car Unknown - we are assuming it is at Charlton police car pound as we were took by a member of staff of JohnPyre Ednonton branch (they handle most if the cars being auctioned off by the Met police) after he checked his computer data base that the car is still at the Charltin police car pound but when asking directly the police either via email or phone they say they have now off where the car is
The reality is that we need to find out where the car is and they will know.
Generally speaking, if a car is not collected within the time period alloted then normally it would be handed over the auctioneers for sale.
If that has happened then that is not good but you are better off knowing that not.
It is possible that it has been retained in a pound but it isn't likely if you have exceeded the time period.
If they have denied you access to your tools then you would have a claim for the value of those tools.
The pound should tell you which auctioneers they deal with and whether the car is there. If you can get to that information then you can post back and I could probably offer more.
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