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I was involved in a motor accident and i accepted the

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I was involved in a motor accident and i accepted the liability on the spot. In fact, i hit the car from the back while the car at the front was stopping to let the pedestrian pass on Zebra crossing. As i hit the car from the back the car at the front then hit the pedestrian. There was nothing major damage to the car at the front and so to the passengers and the pedestrian. However, I called the police and exchanged the insurance details with liability accepted. The claimants made their claims through my insurance and cost of my next insurance eventually skyrocketed. Now after 4 years of that incident, I am receiving a claim form through HM Courts which is lodged by the pedestrian through its solicitor. This cost is additional disbursement changes costing £2532 which is in addition to the claimed amount of £6170 paid through my insurance company. My question is that, do i still need to pay from my pocket whilst the insurance have served the claimants with their claims? Why this extra disbursement charges have diverted to me which had originally to be dealt through my insurance. What is the point paying insurance then?I thank you for your kindest advice.
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
In the claim Document files:
Equity Red Star is my (Defendent) Insurance company
Scott Rees & Co is the Claimant Solicitor
There is also couple of emails exchange between claimant solicitor and my insurer.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Have you passed the claim form on to your insurers?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I did not passed this claim form to my insurer yet, I have attached a communication between claimant solicitor and my insurance company which gives some insight of the case. As i mentioned the incident is now few years old (11.11.2014) do you think i should still forward this claim form to my insurer? keeping in mind at present i am not with this insurance company !

Yes you should. They will deal with any claim on your behalf. They will fight, or settle any claim as appropriate. But you shouldnt do anything but post it asap.

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