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I took over a double parked car in the UK and my car hit

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I took over a double parked car in the UK and my car hit with this parked car, I thought my left hand side tyre was hit with something on the road. I wanted to pick a rider on the nearby street. When I opened my trunk to put their luggage I realise that my tyre and left hand wing has hit with something of the parked car. I cancelled my job and straight came back to the scene in 10 minutes or so to talk to the owner of the car and drop off a note with my details and to see if I had damaged to their car. I did not find the car parked there. I waited for 20 minutes and inquired from an old lady about that car. She did not give any clue. I was trying to find any scratched car in the vicinity but all in vein. I had no major damage on my car so did not inform police. I again visited the place in the morning to find any resident in that area whose car has any damage but nothing was found. I do not want to fall in the category of hit and run so should I go to the local police station after one day. This took place almost 30 hours ago.

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You sound genuine in what you have done, I wouldn’t worry too much. What you should do is report it to the police. If the other driver does the same, then the details will match up and the police can put you in contact that way. Apart from that, there’s not much more you can do as you’ve tried every effort to locate the vehicle.

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