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Not for Jo C. I sent 2 claims to the Small Money Claim

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Not for Jo C.
I sent 2 claims to the Small Money Claim Centre and made 2 applications for help with fees. I sent them in the same envelope. The clarck a few time sent me the envelope back asking for additional documents. last time I sent it back to them (this time to the Appeal Manager) with all additional information and he sent it to me again. He did not uphold my appeal but one of my cliam disappeared from the envelope as it never existed!!! Even all previous letters from the clerks disappeared! So now it looks as if I made onle one claim and I am not sure what could I do if I even did not save the ref. number for the help with fees application for that second claim.
I need a general advice on this situation. May I just make another application for HWF, write the claim again and sent it again in the same envelope along with the first claim?

Hi thank you for your enquiry and patience. I am revieiwing your question now for you.

If the other claim did not have a claim reference number then you are ok to submit a new claim and submit new Form 160 for help with fees. You need to provide all your information to show your finances to avoid them returning it and requesting further information. If you are working you need to show your wage slips, bank statements and proof of address eg council tac bill. If unemployed and on benefits any benefits letters or tax credits letters. I hope this helps and all the best.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Hello. It was not my fault that they returned me my documents many times. For example they asked for a new bank statement though I have already sent it to them. It was twice. then they asked question about some money in statements though they did not ask those questions at the first or second time etc.
However my question was not if I can make the claim which disappeared from my envelope again, I asked if I can now add the claim that disappeaared in the same envelope with another claim which did not disappear? In this case I have to apply online for help with fees, get another ref. number, print it out and send along with another claim. But I think the Appeal Manager removed the second claim from the envelope for some reason? I can not prove he removed my second claim and if I print it out again can not they find out that I applied for a help with fees only a few days ago so it is impossible I sent it along with the first claim because it happened a 2 months ago?

Frankly, regardless of being one claimant with two claims perhaps against two different defendants you should not send them together, keep them separate to avoid a repeat, because unfortunately the court clerks do make human errors but they do not apologise.

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Customer: replied 8 days ago.
OK. So you advise to sent this claim separately? Probably it will be the best way. I am going to file a complaint as well. Thank you.