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On my model UE40B8000 Full HD TV I constantly get messages

Customer Question

On my Samsung model UE40B8000 Full HD TV I constantly get messages ''(Yahoo) widgets cannot refresh themselves, please close & try later''.I cannot delete the widgets in an attempt to re-enter them as the same message appears in the widget gallery & the screen freezes. If a software/firmware update is required please indicate how this is to be achieved & the version which will apply to the above model. Thank you. Victor Wing

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

See if this clears it out.


Turn on the TV set, set the input to TV , not any of the Video inputs, but the TV tuner input.


Now go to the menu....look in SETUP. Is there a Plug&Play setting or one labeled Initialize or Factory?


Select it, activate it, let the TV clear out the OLD information/data and then set it up again from start to finish. Make sure you select HOME mode, not Store mode.


Once you do that, then see if you get that nag screen still popping up.


If so, we'll try to update the network based updates along with the TV's software/firmware updates.


I think your TV is "thinking" that they were updated...but they weren't due to a weak connection with the update server.


On your TV you get updates using the Tuner, or the Network Lan or Wirelessly or by USB stick.

Lan and USB stick are usually the more reliable ones to use.