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my 28 panasonic lcd viera television in the first hours on

Customer Question

my 28 panasonic lcd viera television in the first hours on switching on loses picture and or sound momentarily recovers in evening
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Aric replied 4 years ago.
Hello, My name is Aric and I will be glad to assist you. Please keep in mind that there may be a few minutes between replies, as I research your problem.

Can you please get me the model number off of the back of the TV?
How long have you had the set for and when did the problem occur?
Additionally, what is connected to the TV for devices (DVD, cable box, etc.), and do you have the same issue regardless of which Device you're watching?
If you press MENU on the TV when the problem is occurring, does the MENU display normally on the full screen?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry to go off air and miss your reply.

The model number of my tv is tx26lmd70 which I have had for five years with no problems. The problem has occurred in the last three months.

I am connected by my Sky HDset top box aerial and hub. Also there is a set top box DVD player. I do not have this problem with other devices in the day.

I switch on usually in the morning and the picture arrives then some seconds later picture and sound vanish for a little while after which both return perfectly then both switching return again some minutes later, this annoyance continues with less frequency many times as time passes. A lot later the set performs perfectly.

If the set is turned on after being switched off during the day the whole process often starts again.

Expert:  Aric replied 4 years ago.
Okay, what I;m trying to find out is IF the problem only occurs when watching from the Sky box, or if it also occurs when viewing from the DVD player?

The reason for this is to determine if we have a Sky box problem, or a TV problem.

I also need to know (this is the most important part), WHEN the picture and sound cut out, IF you press MENU on the TV or original TV remote ( not the Sky remote), will the MENU show on the screen even while the rest of the screen has lost picture please?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

set working well at this moment will try again tomorrow morning to see if "menu" etc. works.

regards John

Expert:  Aric replied 4 years ago.
Okay that sounds good- thank you. Aric
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Intermittent electronic faults the very devil!

I switched on at 10:15 got the sky box on at 10:17 after setting up - 10:18 everything ok.

Blank picture and sound at 10:20 for 1 second no time to press menu.

From then the sound only was interrupted for one second at 10:23, 10:24, 10:24:30 an;later at 10:34, 1035 .......

blank picture and sound at 10:30 lost briefly - returning to perfect vision afterwards.

Apart from the losses the TV is perfect and useable. I feel you have been most helpful and patient and we have not got to the bottom of my problem. Unless you can continue, I feel we have covered most aspects and there is little point in continuing.

Many thanks.


Expert:  Anthony F. replied 4 years ago.
This sounds more like a SKY problem than a tv issue
What is the Signal Strengh from the dish ?