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I have a Samsung LE37B551A 37" 1080P LCD TVA tv engineer

Customer Question

I have a Samsung LE37B551A 37" 1080P LCD TV

A tv engineer has confirmed today I have a good signal.
the booster unit I use is good .
A second tv in the conservatory linked to booster has good picture,
the tv works ok thru a digital receiver/recorder.
but on its own the picture breaks up and freezes and the sound becomes garbled.
the engineer says there is a fault with the tv?

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


That's definitely noise and signal affecting the TV set. If the signal level at the TV set's aerial cable didn't fluctuate, then the TV's tuner is causing your problem since you see the signal level vary and the error level change quite dramatically.


There is a bar-coded sticker on the main board that I recommend you look at. You should find one of these two numbers on that sticker with either the first number or that second number listed on it. The dash may or may not show up on it.

BN41-01167B OR BN94-02668H OR

BN4101167B OR BN9402668H




To get the back cover off, lay the TV face down on a pad, like a blanket, let the stand hang over the edge of your table. Remove all the screws around the outer edge of the rear cover, and the screws around the input jacks, and any screws found in the center, then you can lift the rear cover up and off to reveal that main board and look for the BN number on it.





Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your initial reply.

I am a pensioner and have never opened the back of a television in my life, so a bit apprehensive about doing so, may ask someone else, however:

If I open tv and identify the bar-coded numbers on the sticker what will this tell?

Do you think it may be the tuner?

Is this an expensive part to replace and easily obtainable for this model?

Is it cost justifiable? ( tv is nearly 4 years old and cost £600)


I get a good picture/sound playing thru my digital receiver/recorder meantime.

Would you believe, this morning , the picture and sound thru the tv is fine with a good signal and no bit error level when I do a signal test.( self diagnosis /signal test , strength 88)

But I'm sure it will revert back to the problem I have been experiencing unless you tell me differently.

As you can no doubt tell , based on what you tell me I may have to call a television engineer back....

But it depends on the cost aspect.( repair vs replace tv)

Would you know if Samsung have experienced problems with this model and this fault and I should approach them?


Regards, and I look forward to your reply.

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

If I open tv and identify the bar-coded numbers on the sticker what will this tell?


Samsung has always marked their boards with the part number and version of that board in your TV set. As a Samsung technician, we always get that number to verify which board is required to repair your TV set.


Now, I am assuming the engineer you hired did check the signal right where the TV connects to the aerial's cable and did find the signal strength to be within specifications, and that's why he told you the TV is the problem.


In that case, the tuner is the only problem that can cause your symptoms of fluctuating signal levels and varying error levels too.


The main power supply does convert your 220 Volts AC to much lower voltages. You'll find most TVs only use 5, 12, and maybe 24 Volts maximum on all the boards, so simply disconnecting the Mains cable will render the TV safe to repair.


At four years old, and the warranty being only 1 year, Samsung would not extend the warranty. They usually do that only if it's within a month of warranty expiration.


This site is a provider for both the USA and the UK and I believe our exchange rate is $1.60 to £1.00 --


It does look like the TV's rear cover should be removed and the correct part number retrieved from that sticker I mentioned. Notice the M at the end of the BN94-02668M ? That's the version changes. If your TV isn't wall mounted, you can simply remove the connections from the TV, unplug the AC cord on the TV, and just remove all the screws from the back cover and it will lift off. An engineer would likely charge

£60 to replace it for you.