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hongkongpom, Installer
Category: TV
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Experience:  I am a certified Cable Television installer in the state of Hawaii
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Hello I live in Prague czech republic and use a antenna to

Customer Question

Hello I live in Prague czech republic and use a antenna to pick up my television signal. I wanted to buy a tivo roamio to record television series when I am not at home. Will a tivo roamio work for me ass I do not subscribe to a cable company but simply use a antenna to receive my television signals
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  hongkongpom replied 4 years ago.
Hello there,

Firstly the Tivo can record the antenna signal however you must make sure that it can record the signals in Prague which uses the DVB-T system.

I don't see that the Tivo is for sale in Prague so where were you looking to buy it from please?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I would be buying it off Amazon and from the USA. I also wondered whether the US version would support DVB-T and thus that is why I was willing to pay the $30 to find out the answer before I actually purchased 1



Expert:  hongkongpom replied 4 years ago.
Hello there,

Sorry but the US version operates the ATSC system which is incompatible with the DVB-T system.

I also see that Prague is testing the DVB-T2 system which will eventually replace the DVB-T system but again this is not compatible with the US system.

Not only is the US TV system different, but the US operates a different TV frame rate (60Hz) as well as voltage (110V) & frequency (60Hz).