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My sony TV has started putting a sign on the screen on BBC

Customer Question

My sony TV has started putting a sign on the screen on BBC channels asking if I want to change to an HD channel,
"This programme is also available in HD on channel 905 do you want to change to HD"
it wont go away until I answer it, and another annoying thing is that the HD Channel it takes me to if I say yes has no signal.
This is only happening on BBC 1, BBC2 & BBC3.
Can I get rid of it ?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


Your low definition BBC channels are sending that question to you. It wants you to do a full Auto scan to update your Channel List, and then it can store those new channel numbers in its list.


While you can do that to see if the new HD channels get stored, IF you aren't getting a strong enough signal on the HD channels, it may not store them. You may end up with the same Nag screen you have to keep dealing with on a daily basis.


The only reason a TV set would show a NO SIGNAL display on the HD channels is that the signal strength is low, or the new BBC HD channels are just coming online and they aren't transmitting it 24 hours a day, but only for maybe 4 hours in the morning or afternoon. That's because they are "breaking in" the new transmitter equipment.'re kind of between a rock and a hard place so to speak. Do you do a full autoscan of your present channels so the TV stores them? What if they are only transmitting part time instead of full time?

And what if your aerial is strong enough to receive the Low Def channels, but you need an RF amplifier to boost the HD channel frequency up enough to not only LOCK the channels into that Program Guide but to give you enough signal power to actually SHOW the picture and sound?


Those are the questions we have to deal with.


RF amp needed?? Or just a new FULL Autoscan of available channels?

You can do the Full autoscan simply by selecting the TV's menu, and selecting the Autoprogramme or the AutoScan setting in that menu.


That menu also should have a MANUAL scan feature, and that usually has a SIGNAL STRENGTH meter in it. If you have 905 listed in the manual list, you can select that channel and see what your meter strength shows.


Now, I can only give you the basics because I don't have your TV's model number to work with.



But this is definitely where I would check for the Auto scan and the Manual programming settings --




The newer I manuals that Sony provides just aren't as "in depth" as the TV sets that had the Fully detailed PDF manuals. This came from Sony's EX series of TV sets, and was essentially the very first ones with the built in I-Manual.


Someone wanted to stop paying Adobe for PDF licensing, and this was their solution. Pay someone else for the I-manual design.

Alas, the information quality suffered because of that decision.


Anyways, try autoscanning the channels first. See if that gets you a good working BBC HD station or not.

Next, if you see it stored, select that channel, then go to your Manual channel settings and find the Signal strength bar. If it's over 50% power level, you should be seeing the picture and sound. If not, check back later to see if they may only be operating for 4 hours right now.


Lastly, you could compare your reception in your general area for the BBC HD channels...a neighbor, or a local TV store, or even a bar would show HD the same way you should be receiving it at your home.


Everybody has to go to market some time during the week. I do mine on Fridays and Saturdays. Take full advantage of what you have available to you. Plan a strategy, and work with me to find a solution to your dilemma, ok?


I honestly don't have a "one size fits all" solution when it comes to Aerial reception and your specific location. It's very dynamic and variable.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the reply, I think we have a misunderstanding,
I can receive low def & high def channels with no problem,
On BBC & ITV channels.
The problem is a query box that appears in the middle of the screen whenever I go to a BBC channel, only BBC not any other channel, it never used to do it & I have tried an auto retune with no luck,
I don't know why it's just on BBC but I can get Hi def BBC just not on the channel it wants to take me to.
I could do a manual retune so I had the hi def on those channels but what I want is to get rid of the annoying query box alltogether
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Hmm, I'm starting to think that Nag screen you're getting may actually require the Sony TV set be reinitialized because the TV software got a glitch in it.


A full Auto scan should be done after that, then if those extra channels are bothersome in the channel list, that's when you remove them.


But the Nag screen I'm assuming is not because the BBC added NEW HD channels...those HD channels have been used on your TV set for a while now, correct?


Don't use this on your model of is an EXAMPLE of the Sony support page, and I certainly wonder if your TV needs a software update like this one lists --


You need to know your TV's model number and go to the correct page and download and install any software listed on it.

Use this with your model number to find your correct page--


When a problem persists AFTER you've done an autoscan and have been using HD channels for a long time, then you have to look at the possibility that the Nag screen problem is due to a glitch in the software or one of the storage registers in the TV isn't being reset.

You also need to reset your TV, and it will require you to do another Autoscan and maybe set up your Network connection on the TV set, just like you did when you first setup your TV set.

Be prepared for it.


To do the reset, the TV has to be turned on. You need to get real close to your TV set with the SONY remote so you can press the power button on the TV set.

You also want to make sure when you are close, to see if your TV responds to the remote control too. Press the volume button when you are close, and you'll know the TV can receive commands from the remote.


Now, Press and HOLD the UP ARROW button on your remote control. While holding it, touch and release the POWER button on the TV set.


The TV should turn itself OFF....and then turn itself back on if it received the Up arrow signal from the remote.


That's the factory reset procedure. It wipes everything from the computer's memory.

And if that nag screen was caused by a glitch in the memory, it should be cleared out.


Just make sure you do the Arrow Up reset, and any software updates to your TV set before you Autoscan or set up any Network settings. I prefer updates, then the reset be done.