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info tech
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I own what must be an ancient JVC 7815GB 51cm Colour TV which

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I own what must be an ancient JVC 7815GB 51cm Colour TV which recently just stopped showing picture after long faithful service, lately via digibox (Virgin Media). No bang nor puff of smoke. Had been on in the room and suddenly I became aware no sound was emitting
Only sign of life now is the red stand-by light.
My remote handset for it has long been out of order so I don't know if that would work if it were fixed to the extent of getting life out of my TV.
When I switch the on/off button on the TV the red light comes on or the panel where it's located returns to dark. That's all.
Any ideas? Sell for parts? Is it an antique, now?
Thanks for the Question

Their are very little in the way of parts for these older CRT sets,if you cant switch the set on from the set itself its likely it has a heavy load on the powersupply due to a short circuit or theirs a problem in the start up either way (unless you are versed well in electronics and can use a meter and soldering iron at the very least) its going to mean labour and parts and really these sets now are way behind in technology it really is not a good idea to think about a fix.

I am sorry to have to give you this news just being realistic

Let me know if you need more info

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Many Thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX rather as I suspected; a discard.job. But

1) I could only get the stand-by light as an indication of any life. It did not respond to any of the tuning buttons. Yet I couldn't quite shake the feeling that it was on stand by but was not firing up but might with a minimum of attention.

Are you sure you cannot recommend a repair shop/org that might just give it a once over?

2) On the parts angle, assuming not re (1): can you suggest a course of action to find a home for the old thing if it's worth cannibalising due to the shortage of parts? They might be willing to take it away for no charge just to acquire its bits?

3) No vintage value, do you think? (eg prop for plays/shows/TV settings)?


The standby light lit and not going into start up is either because the set has a short circuit OR their is a start up problem in the powersupply section itself, it may seem that way to you but I can assure you their may be a lot of work their wont be a "little" work their seldom is.

Its very unlikely you get anyone to examine a set of this age technology has moved on its really NOT in your interest economically to even pay for the examination fee which could be £25_£50

And to add further negativity to the way your thinking nobody will want to take parts from it the reason being their is not any of these sets about anymore or very few anyhow

I hate to pour scorn on the set but their really is not anyway to go with it, even modern sets that are 2 to 3 years old and cost £600+ are now only worth about £200 I know because I have some to sell 40 inch LCD sets, thats because smart TVs have come in so older technology devalues

Sorry for poor news here

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