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Aric, Technician
Category: TV
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Hello,I have a Panasonic TX-32LZD80. I cannot get any output

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I have a Panasonic TX-32LZD80. I cannot get any output to work other than the integrated freeview TV. I have tried all HDMI outputs and AV1 & AV2. I have reset to shipping condition twice and have unplugged for 5 minutes to try and reset HDMIs but to no avail. I dont know what else to try.

For all HDMIs I just get a black screen. For AV1 & AV2 all I get is a distorted version of the Freeview TV screen. It will not recognise any devices - I have tried a standalone Freeview tuner, an Xbox, a Chromebook and a blu-ray player. It seems like I can only use the TV on its own with no other devices? I also have swapped HDMI cables.

Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assist you. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your TV. I want to let you know that providing you with the best possible assistance I can is my main priority, and my livelihood depends on your feedback.

Unfortunately this is a common mode of failure and the Mainboard has failed. The mainboard is the signal board that routes and processes all external signals to the TV. The AV jacks can distribute a surge from a storm through the shield, and additionally HDMI is very finicky as it is the only connection that carries 5 volts of Bus power down the cable to transmit the signal. It is prone to failure from slight surges (even with a surge protector), Arcs from within the jack, or a cable that has failed. Unfortunately there are no settings, or buttons you can change to allow the AV jacks working again. You will need to have the Mainboard on the TV replaced (It houses the HDMI jacks and the AV connections). Average cost for this type of repair is around $275 parts and labor.

If you're comfortable removing the rear of the set then you can swap the board yourself.

If you need further assistance, then please press "Reply to Expert". Otherwise, please take a moment to RATE my service as Positive. Subscription is not required and your question does not close when you rate. You are rating my advice and information NOT how this site works or how your device functions (note that a negative rating does not issue a refund).

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


thank you for getting back to me. Could you please tell me how to identify which part I need to buy to fix this? My dad is an electrician so I would be able to ask him to swap it out if I buy the part.

Thanks again


You're very welcome. The board you'd need is the one that every connection is mounted directly

to. So it has the RCA, coaxial and HDMI inputs directly in it. On the board will be a part number and you would search using that number to locate a replacement.
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