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We have an OKI TV and in the last few days it has stopped working

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We have an OKI TV and in the last few days it has stopped working and with a little juggling with the the cables if re starts, but today it will not switch on and the red light(power on) is not illuminated. Help please!
Hello, my name isXXXXX satisfaction is my top priority. Please press CTRL+D now to bookmark this page so you have easy access to our conversation. To get started we need more information (additional details may be required):
1. What is the full model number of your Tv?
2. How long have you had the Tv?

Please REPLY here with all the information to get started.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I believe the TV is a OKI L32VD-PHTUV and was purchased in 2012.



Thanks Martyn.

If you are not getting the front led when you plug it in, then the Tv does have an internal failure. It could be a fuse on the Power Supply but honestly diagnosing the Tv just by the external symptoms is not possible. The Tv needs to be opened up and checked on the inside (requires using a volt meter to check). If this is something you want to attempt then I can assist you here but I don't know your technical skill level and therefore I cannot guarantee success. Many times it requires purchasing more than one part until the Tv is working. If this is something you want to attempt then please REPLY and tell me if you want to proceed with my assistance.

If you are not ready for this type of DIY diagnosis/repair then honestly it's probably not worth fixing because parts and labor will cost almost as much as a new 32" Tv (labor is very expensive).

I'm really sorry there is no easy fix that you can do right now but at least we have given you the power to make an informed decision on what to do with your Tv BEFORE wasting time and money with a repair shop.

Because of the way this website works, I have marked this post as my answer but that does not mean we are done. If my answer is not what you expected or you need more details, please use the REPLY option.

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