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I have a Panasonic LCD television (TX -32LXD60) connected (by

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I have a Panasonic LCD television (TX -32LXD60) connected (by scart) to a Panasonic DVD Recorder (model No DMR-EX769EB) and I have now bought an LG 310 W Soundbar system which I would like to connect to the system with an HDMI lead. How do I go about this please? Does the HDMI connection go from the HDMI out socket on the Soundbar to an HDMI socket in the back of the television or in the back of the DVD Recorder? If so, is it an 'out' or an 'in' socket. My TV sound menu does not allow me to choose an external speaker so I am rather lost as to what setting to choose to get the Soundbar to work.

Hello, my name isXXXXX be happy to assist you.

Sorry for delayed reply, just saw the question in list.

Please allow me to ask you a few questions to diagnose the problem.

- Is Ariel for DVB channel signal plugged in TV or DVD recorder?
- Does TV has HDMI input?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The connection from the rooftop aerial is connected to 'aerial in' socket in the back of the DVD Recorder and then there is an aerial connection from the 'aerial out' socket on the DVD Recorder to the 'aerial in' socket on the Panasonic TV.
Sorry, I don't understand the question about HDMI input to the TV. The TV is currently connected to the DVD Recorder by a scart lead. The TV does not have a socket for 'optical' connection, and both the TV HDMI sockets are currently not used. I have tried plugging the HDMI link from the new LG Soundbar to each of them in turn, but it has not resulted in any sound coming out of the Soundbar.
I cannot find any reference to an external speaker on the Panasonic TV sound menu.
Thanks for detailed reply.

I'm having tough time to get related manual for this TV, is it TX-32LXD60 or different one?

Hi Elfed,

One possible way is to connect soundbar between TV and DVD recorder and it needs two HDMI cables.
Connect one HDMI cable in HDMI Input (AV1) of TV and plug it in HDMI Out of soundbar.
Connect next HDMI cable in HDMI In of soundbar and plug it in HDMI Out of DVD recorder.
Select AV1 input in TV with its remote control to get DVD recorder picture in TV and get sound in soundbar, you can use DVD recorder remote control to change channels as TV will be used as monitor only in this connection setup.

I trust my input will help you out. Please feel free to respond if you have any additional questions.
A positive rating to answer would be greatly appreciated so I can get credit on website for my work.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have made the connections using HDMI cables as you suggested and good quality sound now comes out of the LG Soundbar and sub-woofer.
Channels on the TV can now only be changed by using the DVD controller - as you said would be the case. The problem now is that if I am using the DVD Recorder to record a programme on one channel, then I cannot watch another channel on the TV because the DVD control unit will not allow me to change channels on the TV whilst recording on another channel is in progress. The advantage of having good quality sound through a Soundbar should not be at the expense of the simultaneous 'watch one channel whilst recording another' facility. Are you able to help resolve this please?
I'm sorry for limited options in your TV as sound can only be get through this connection setup.
If TV could have Optical Out port OR regular RCA Audio Out jacks for sound signals then we would have sound signals directly from TV while recording another channel in DVD recorder.

Thank you.
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