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I need to buy a tv that I can set up in Spain for spanish tv

Customer Question

I need to buy a tv that I can set up in Spain for spanish tv but in the language section I need the option to set in ' original' language. So a dubed film shown on spanish channel originally made in USA would be in original language of English. I keep buying and looking at tvs but they only seem to give list of languages to choose from but don't give me 'original' language option. Help! I know of a couple that have this facility but am actually sure of how to phrase the question I am asking, especially in spanish! Cheers
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Wes replied 3 years ago.

Wes :

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today. Please favorite or bookmark this page press CTRL+D, so you can return here if we get disconnected.

Wes :

Unfortunately there is no definitive way to control the language of the audio track a Spanish TV provider uses. Yes, some TVs are equipped handle SAP which provides a secondary audio channel which would do exactly what you are asking. In the US, the secondary SAP channel is often in Spanish. However, not all programs in the US are broadcast with SAP. So regardless of the capability of the TV, those programs will only be broadcast in the primary language. The same goes true for Spanish programming.

Wes :

So assume one of the Spanish TV stations has Lord of the Rings on. Obviously it will be dubbed, if they are transmitting the original audio as SAP, you can select that using the TV or possibly the cable box and hear the original audio... but ONLY if the broadcaster is using SAP and English is the SAP. If the SAP is in Portuguese, you're out of luck. There is no TV made that can conjure the original audio track out of thin air if it isn't being broadcast.


JACUSTOMER-fwcjubar- : Sorry not quite understanding. I have seen tvs in Spain with original language option which makes many more channel watchable in English. Equally I have tried many tv without this option of original language and the same program's are not watchable in English
Wes :

Yes, this is the SAP option I was talking about.

Wes :

Again, it *only* works if the station is broadcasting multiple audio tracks

JACUSTOMER-fwcjubar- : Wes I am a bit daft so excuse my silly question what is SAP?
Wes :

SAP is short for "Secondary Audio Programming"

Wes :

It's an *optional* capability that can be used by broadcasters to allow viewers to watch a program in a different language.

JACUSTOMER-fwcjubar- : So is it down to station or tv?
Wes :

The station... and even the program, movie or show.

Wes :

If the station isn't broadcasting the original audio along with the primary dubbed audio... you won't get the original audio even if the TV is capable of it (which nearly all are now)

Wes :

The cable box/receiver you use to receive TV with probably has the option built-in as well

JACUSTOMER-fwcjubar- : Ok... So is there reason on some tvs when you do initial setup etc you initially say you want spanish tv....when in Spain obviously and then the second thing for languages come up ( I don't have tv I front of me so bare with me) at this point they list many languages to choose from ...choosing the English option, I can't quite make out the difference because only a couple of channels in English, I assume these are channels that on spanish tv would appear in English. Some tvs have in that list of languages as well as being able to choose english amongst many other options it also offers in the list ' original' language.
Wes :

Do you know the model of the TV you are referring to? If so I can try to look up a manual for it and get an idea of what the setup process is. Usually the first language you pick when setting a TV up is the language the user interface will be in... it doesn't really have anything to do with what country the TV is used in. But I would have to look at the manual to know for sure.

JACUSTOMER-fwcjubar- : Ok thank you wes I guess tvs are not my forte this is all going above my head. I will have to show your suggestions to someone else. I just don't seem to be able to find out which tv have original language option in language set up, which is really what I want to find out.
JACUSTOMER-fwcjubar- : Many thanks for your help wes
Wes :

I don't think you're understanding fully...

Wes :

If you are looking for a TV to always play English audio... it's not going to happen.

Wes :

It is up to the channels/broadcasters as to whether it is provided along with the main language they broadcast in.

JACUSTOMER-fwcjubar- : I'm definitely not!­čś░ I have two different tvs both new both set for spanish tv......on set on original language which gives loads more watchable program's . The same program's on other TV set to spanish and English only two channels in English. Which is why I assumed it was a function of tv.
JACUSTOMER-fwcjubar- : The first tv being set to original language in set up and not the English it also offers
Wes :

Okay, if you can get me the model numbers of the TVs I can do my best to make sure they are set up to do what you want, but that doesn't remove the obstacle that not all programs will be broadcast with the alternate language audio.