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Nathan, Installer
Category: TV
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LG HD tv LD42LH3000 screen purchased 2010 from ARGOS problem:

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LG HD tv LD42LH3000 screen purchased 2010 from ARGOS problem: when switched on screen flickering / black on left hand side but rectifies itself after a while / getting gradually darker for longer as time goes by and sometimes over half the screen is too dark to watch.. Had a tv engineer out but tells me it is beyond economical repair due to . I understand there is a european law stating tvs should last for 6 years minimum. Very disappointed. I do not have the receipt. I can provide an engineer's letter if required.

Nathan :

Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority.


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. We’ll get started chatting here. I am also sending you an offer so you can reach me directly me by phone if preferred. Feel free to ignore it for now, it will be available to you at any time if you need to get more help after our chat.

Nathan :

Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple.

Nathan :

Your tv has an internal hardware failure, as your engineer has already explained. This is most likely either a bad signal board or even a bad panel.

Nathan :

While I certainly understand your frustration with it failing at 4 years, this type of fault is typical. Modern flat screen tvs are not built the way that the old tube tvs were. They will not last 6 years normally. The average flat screen tv has a useful service life of 3-5 years in reality. While they don't advertise the fact, it is reality.

Nathan :

The laws you refer to are specific to documented faults showing specific manufacturing defects. A failure at 4 years would be generally related to age or wear and tear from normal use, not a fault, which would usually come up much sooner.

Nathan :

Under the rules you mentioned, you would had little recourse even then, and only within the first 2 years, for a partial refund of repair costs, and it would be your burden to prove in court. In practice, those rules would not be of much help to you.

Nathan :

While your set is possible to fix, for one of this size and age, it is not economical to do so. You'd spend £300 on average for repairs, while you could replace it with a brand new tv, with current technology and a fresh warranty, for about the same price.

Nathan :

I'll be happy to recommend some better quality replacement options, if you'd like.

Nathan :

Also, here is an article explaining a bit more about the law:

Nathan and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Hello Vivienne,

Thank you for the positive rating. I realize my answer was probably the last thing you wanted to hear. I do hope I've provided you with some helpful information to at least put your mind at ease, and allow you to move on toward a more practical action of replacing the system.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

You may be correct regarding the technical side but you are wrong regarding the 6 year ruling. That same day I contacted the retailer. Despite having no receipt, they were able to locate the 2010 transaction and deal with the matter immediately. I provided an engineer's letter and have today received a full replacement with a new tv of higher quality to the same value spent initially. Sorry if you don't get paid, but you should get your facts straight. I can';t believe I am getting a £900 value (sale price is less) totally free. I didn't expect to get the full value after 4 + years usage and was concerned to think I would need to purchase a new one as I am a pensioner. Thankfully I didn't listen to you but contacted the retailer..

Hi Vivienne,

Thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear you were able to get it resolved, but I do still believe my facts are correct. It is commonly known that these tvs are simply not built for a 6 year lifespan, if all of the manufacturers were truly held to that standard they'd go bankrupt. I think the far more likely issue here is that that you were simply dealing with a reputable and very honorable retailer. Retailers will sometimes make exceptions to the rules and take such action, particularly in the case of a pensioner or someone else in need, as a goodwill gesture. They get the added benefit of writing off the full retail value of the replacement equipment on their taxes.

If this really was a legally mandated issue, you would have only had recourse through the manufacturer directly. The retailer taking this action means it was of their own free will, and at their own expense.

Again, I don't believe this makes the information I provided inaccurate in any way, but rather you got lucky by reaching a sympathetic employee that was able to take care of you. While this is contrary to what would typically be expected, I am happy that you met with a successful resolution in the end.