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carlday1, Technician
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Hi and help please please xx Ok I have an old beko 2932 tv,

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Hi and help please please xx
Ok I have an old beko 2932 tv,
I don't have the remote
I have plugged it in , power fine
I have connected tv to sky+ box with scart lead
We only have sky, no tv ariel.
I get lots of snow on screen!
If I change channels via tv it says bbc 1. 2 ect and video, but that's it
Am I being stupid, it used to work fine
Help please
Pippa xxx
carlday1 :

Hi Pippa,

Thank you for using Just Answer my name is ***** ***** I will help with you question.

I think the problem could be to do with the scart lead. The first thing to check is to make sure the lead is fully inserted into the tv and the sky box, the sky box has two scart sockets on it and the tv should be in the one marked tv.

I would also suggest unplugging the sky box from the wall for a few minutes then plugging it back in, it will take the sky box a few minutes to start up. Hopefully when the sky box turns on the tv will turn over onto sky.

Let me know how you get on

Customer: Hi
Customer: Thank you so much for replying
Customer: Ok have checked scsrt lead.i did try another one as well but no joy
Customer: I checked start lead
Customer: I turned sky box off waited turned it on, the snow stopped and a message came up on tv saying sky + HD please wait.
Customer: I did and after a bit snow came on. I turned sky on as soon as it would let me, but no lick
Customer: Very odd it shows sky can talk to tv what now??. Any ideas
Customer: There is only one scsrt socket in tv and only one on sky box
carlday1 :

I am pleased to hear the tv flashed up sky HD while the box was loading, If you turn the sky box off and on does the channel change over on the tv?

Does the tv have any buttons on it if it does could you list them for me?

Does the sky remote turn the volume up and down on the tv?

I am sorry for all the questions but it will help me understand the best way to solve your problem.

Customer: Not sure it just comes on woth the sky wait message, then screen blank then back to snow, when I can turn sky on again tv dose not respond
Customer: Onlt buttons pnntv are sound up and down and plus and minus for channels, it's saus bbc1 on channel 1 2 on 2 ect channel 6?says video
Customer: No sky remote does nothing
Customer: I think the tv is too old to deal with up to date sky+ HG, bit like me,
Customer: I very much appreciate your help and will rate you sky high,pippa xx
carlday1 :

Hi Pippa,

Did the tv come with a remote? Another thing to try would be to press the down button on the tv and see what happens after channel 1, some old tvs will turn over to av which is where the sky signal is.

Customer: Don't have remote, long gone
Customer: Yes did all channels, no luck
Customer: Yhank you but think its not compatatable with all this modern stuff!!
Customer: Thanks for your help
Customer: Pippa

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