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We just moved into a new-build house with 5 rooms that have

Customer Question

We just moved into a new-build house with 5 rooms that have a TV point. They are all just single socket connections, and they all lead up to the loft.
I bought this aerial:
I fitted it in the loft and used a signal meter to find the best location.
When it's connected directly to the TV, the signal strength shows 20% and signal quality 80%. It finds some freeview channels, but not many.
When connected through a 4-way splitter, the signal is too weak to get any channels at any sockets.
I think the problem is there are lots of trees & hills around our house so the aerial needs to be higher.
But because they are still selling houses in our estate we are not allowed an external aerial (only a satellite dish).
I'm looking for some options with details of likely costs (installation and/or subscription).
My main queries:
1) Is a 6-way booster in the loft likely to make enough of a difference?
2) If we get sky installed in one room only, is it an easy DIY job (or what is the cost) to change the TV sockets to twin sockets and feed the signal back to the bedrooms?
3) What are our other options? We have a reasonably fast internet connection if that can be used in any way?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  info tech replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for the Question

Physics says you cant do anything without that aerial being higher so your not going to get freeview channels that way.No booster will make any difference you will just be boosting noise you need to have a reasonably good signal to noise ratio to overcome that.
If you get sky in one room only you can only watch one channel thats on were the box is so all the other rooms can only have one channel too however if you want it that way that can be done however in my opinion thats going to be a problem.

You can have internet TV however I am not sure on costs you would need to look that up as a google search.You do need a very fast connection though

Im not sure if you have cable in your area?

Let me know if you need more info

Expert:  info tech replied 3 years ago.
Hello Robert

Just following up do you still need help with this?