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Jack, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  35 years experience as audio,video repair and installation tech
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Hello we have a Samsung LED Series 6, 54" screen TV which we

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Hello we have a Samsung LED Series 6, 54" screen TV which we purchased 2 years ago. Model UE46C6000 (RW)(XXC).
The problem we have - our TV will not turn on using the remote. We tested the remote changed batteries and so on, and even tried a new remote. Over the past few months the TV would still turn on using the remote, but not every time. We are certain that the problem is NOT with the remote but with the TV.
The TV does operate if turned on manually but will not work at all now when using the remote. This is quite inconvenient as you can imagine.
Can you offer any suggestions or advice?
Thanks very much, Deborah
PS - before we commit to your service, please confirm that the total cost for your advice is 25 euros and no more than this. My understanding of use of the term 'deposit' means that we could be charged more for your service. Please clarify.

Hello Deborah , my name is Jack

Perhaps I can help you with this problem but first I will address the money question ;

Although I am not privy to the money part of the business, (just the repairman here) I can tell you that if you do not accept any other offer or subscription then your deposit is all there will be as far as charges are concerned.

That being said , I would have a few questions before giving you a diagnostic. When you said that you tried a new remote , was it the original or a "universal" remote ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Jack

Thank you for your reply regarding payment.

In response to your question...we have tried and tested both the original remote that came with the TV and a universal remote that we purchased.

Did you have another question sorry?

Thanks, Deborah

O.k then before getting into possible repair for the tv , I`d still would like to test your original remote .
I mean that it could be the one that is defective and the universal remote simply cannot control this tv , unless you are positive that the tv is the culprit.
In which case I will look and see if the remote sensor can be found .
If not then do you happen to have a cell phone camera,digital camera or any camera that has a display or screen to test the remote ?
Jack and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Not sure what you mean by 'in which case I will look and see if the remote sensor can be found'? Can you please explain what this means and what you'd like me to do...

I have a cell phone with a can it test the remote? Sorry, again need an explanation and some clear instructions to follow.

Thanks very much.


O.k then what I meant is that if the remote control proves to be fine then the culprit will be the tv , namely its built-in remote sensor that will need to be replaced and I was going to see if I could find that part but if you are not into digging into your tv to repair this yourself then it would be redundant beside that I can tell you that this part usually cost around 10 pounds
In any case lets not put the horses before the buggy so to speak and start by testing that remote , this is how its done;
Turn on the camera and point the front of the remote at the camera lens ,then while looking at the remote through the screen press buttons on the remote.
If the remote is working, you should see light coming out the front of it while looking at it through the camera screen.
If you see nothing coming out and are not sure if you did the test correctly then try it with a known working remote.
let me know how that goes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello - just did what you asked...looked at the remote through my cell phone camera lens and YES did see a light coming from the (original) TV remote.


O.k then that confirms it , your remote is fine and it is indeed the tv that is defective.
Right now the part number for that remote sensor cannot be found but it would be needed in case you`d wish to look into repairing this yourself anyway .
In which case you could give me the numbers directly on that small board sitting behind the sensor window and I could find it for you.
Again , if that is not your cup of tea so to speak then you would be looking at perhaps 10 pounds for the part and 80 to 100 pounds to have this done at home by a shop.
Hope this help and please take the time to rate my answer positively (use the smiley) if that answers your question , otherwise do not rate at all , just let me know and we`ll see what can be done.
Note that you can reach me here at any time after rating if you have questions or need help with that small board.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again, thanks for that.

Just big a job is it to get the part and do it ourselves?

Did you mean 10 pounds we buy the part and do it ourselves or 80-100 to get someone in to do it for us?

The small board sitting behind the sensor window...had a look and couldn't see anything obvious fitting this description. Where would I find it? Sorry, thanks.

Yes usually around 10 pounds will get you the part but to have it done by a shop would cost 80 to 100 pounds .
Mind you I`m not used to UK shops rates and I roughly translate 125 to 150 dollars that it would normally cost here to pounds
If you are able to remove the back cover then the worse is done , there might be one small screw holding that board and then a plug.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok thanks very much Jack...I'll think about it all and get back to you.


No problem much welcome and please do not forget the smileys .
You can still reach me here at any time after rating , 6 months from now if needed !