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I have sky hd downstairs, and a single coax cable to bedroom

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I have sky hd downstairs, and a single coax cable to bedroom 2nd television a samsung, (about 5years old) i have tried auto search and manual search (know it is under analogue and the channel 68 RF is on) cannot tune the television up. It was set up by a sky engineer few months ago and was fine. When i plug in the free view cable it can find them channels, so connection must be ok. Maybe somebody has changed settings on television I'm baffled!!
I have also tried tuning it in on both Air and cable.
Nathan :

Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority.

Nathan :

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. We’ll get started chatting here.

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Nathan :

It sounds like everything is *probably* ok on the tv, meaning the fault is quite likely within the actual sky box, not the upstairs samsung. Most satellite boxes have an ability to temporarily disable the 2nd tv output, for example when you want to utilize both tuners on the main tv at the same time. So this could be a temporary firmware/memory glitch in the box, or a wrong setting.

Nathan :

Initially, try unplugging power to the sky box, at the mains, for 60+ seconds, which will reboot it. If you still can't pick up the signal upstairs, go into the sky box setup and ensure that the 2nd tuner mode is set to output via rf still on ch68.

Nathan :

If the settings check out, as a next step, run a coax cable from the tv 2 out of the sky box but into your main room tv, and see if it can tune in 68. If it can't either, and the settings look appropriate, then you may have a faulty rf output on the box - in that event you'd just ask sky to swap it for another unit.

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