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Dan T.
Dan T., Master Technician
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I have a Samsung PS50P96FDX flat screen TV [7yrs old] and the

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I have a Samsung PS50P96FDX flat screen TV [7yrs old] and the on off switch no longer works either manually or with the remote. When I switch it on I get a red light flashing and the only way to switch it on is by turning it on and off at the mains socket which can take anything up to 20 minutes to work. I want to know how much a repair is likely to cost and if it is worth repairing as the picture and sound are still very good?
Thanks for the question. I'm Dan, and I'd be happy to help.

How many times does that red light flash in between the pauses? There should be a pattern.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I turned the TV on again and counted 4 quick blinks and then 1 slower one but there was no click this time. I have also noticed that the blue light under the Samsung badge in the middle bottom of the TV does not come on straight away like it should. It does start trying to come on after several tries of turning it on and off at the mains and then eventually does come on and stay on when the TV finally powers up.


Thank you. I've worked with this model a lot, and this definitely appears to be an internal failure. Do you have any desire to get inside the TV yourself to make repairs? Or do you need a diagnosis and cost on repair?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

A diagnosis and cost on repair please Dan - just want to know if it is financially viable to get it fixed. As I say the picture and sound are still good?

OK no problem, Gerry.

I'd like to focus on what you said earlier... "the only way to switch it on is by turning it on and off at the mains socket which can take anything up to 20 minutes to work."

That's really important. Specifically, the "up to 20 minutes" part of your statement is really indicative that we have a failing power supply circuit, inside the TV.

The power supply circuit's job is to take the mains AC voltage and convert it to DC voltage for the TV to use (this is called rectification). It also filters it, stabilizes it, and divides it for the different circuits inside the TV.

There are quite a few different components in that circuit... transformers, resistors, coils, capacitors, transistors, etc.

Over time, the components degrade and begin to fail. Usually this is because the power supply circuit is "always on" whenever the TV is plugged into the mains (even if the TV is turned off).

OK, long story... I'll get to the point.

You need to have the power supply board replaced. Yes it is almost always financially viable to get this fixed. Even with the TV's age, this is a nice TV... no need to throw it away unless you really want to replace it.

So, get a hold of a local engineer and have them confirm the diagnosis and replace the board.

Alternatively... I'm happy to help you do it yourself! All you would need is some basic hand tools (screwdrivers) and some patience. Let me know if that's something you're interested in, OK?

I hope that answers your question! If not, just let me know. Also, please take a second to rate the service I provided today, as that is the only way I receive credit for answering questions here. I hope I was excellent, even if the news was not! Thanks!
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