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I have a Panasonic tv model TH-42PX600B, s/n NB-6350081

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I have a Panasonic tv model TH-42PX600B, s/n NB-6350081. Have a problem with the EPG failing to give more than a few hours (2 or 3) infomation. I have done a rescan, factory reset, checked all cables are good (double screened). I have checked those channels that give zero info on EPG and their Signal Quality and Strength are both 10/10. I have carried out a software update and it is V1.54. Auto update is selected on. The problem seems to have started after the Freeview update carried out on 3rd Sept 2014. I am loath to dump the TV as picture is excellent and when new cost over £2000. I own my own CCTV company and am capable of changing any boards Can you help? Thanks in advance, Andy XXXXXXX

Thanks for the Question
Where are you with the set please ?what country?I see the philippines is coming up?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am in the UK

Hello Andy
OK Andy did you do the firmware upgrade BECAUSE of this issue?
It was not done before the issue occured
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Firmware upgrade was already set to automatic. When I did the upgrade it was probably already at V1.54. It is at V1.54 now.

Hello Andy

Andy this is one of three things either panasonic have stopped supporting this set for EPG (its happened before with other models)OR the firmware is bad OR a signal issue.

Now if the set was already upgraded before the re-tune then it may have got corrupt, if you tried to re-install the firmware it wont take because the set will only upgrade to a later version.

So you could ask panasonic via the website if their is still support for EPG for this set (their has been no announcement) if that is good then the only option then is to replace the mainboard within the set.
You will need serial number as well as purchase info to speak at the website (I think!)they wont tell you anything technical other than if the set is supported.

Let me know so we can move on with it

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Anthony,

Would you expand on "Now if the set was already upgraded before the re-tune then it may have got corrupt, if you tried to re-install the firmware it wont take because the set will only upgrade to a later version." for me please.

In the meantime I shall try and contact Panasonic technical. rgds


OK you may have already had the V1.54 firmware before you done the retune now if that got corrupted somehow during the retune then you CANNOT upgrade the firmware again , it wont take because your already at V1.54 so it wont take, so its possible that the firmware is corrupt the only way around that is to change the mainboard or wait for another upgrade from panasonic their is NO workaround for that.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Anthony,

Just checked EPG this morning and it is fully populated for 7 days!! Just done a software check and it is still V1.54.

So, don't know what is going on there. But anyway thanks for your help and will give feedback today.



That is odd, sometimes a glitch in the firmware can iron itself out with repeated start ups so that could have happened.
Many Thanks for the rating if you have any more issues let me know by coming back here (no further charges)
Thanks again