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My Samsung UE22C4000 LED TV. The sound is no longer working

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My Samsung UE22C4000 LED TV. The sound is no longer working when a HD channel is selected, however when the equivalent SD channel is selected the sound is OK. I have replaced the TV with another and everything works OK. I have changed all of the HDMI leads connecting the TV to the SKY + HD box but the TV sound still does not work when a HD station is selected. Also since this issue I have updated the LED TV's software from your site but the sound problem is still there.
Are all of these functions carry out on the same board within the TV?
Martin Hubbard
Hello and sorry you're having problems.
All of the audio and resolutions are handled on the Mainboard of the TV. However since you're using a Sky HD box- this is converting the signals for you before they reach the TV, and the issue very well could be a anomoly inside the HD box itself.
Let me ask you, do you have any other devices you can test on the TV (Blu Ray player, etc.), so we can determine whether the HD box, or the TV itself is actually the cause of the problem?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have connected another TV to the SKY+ HD box, using the same HDMI leads and the results are good in both SD and HD. But when I connected the Samsung LED TV back to the SKY box, and I used another set of HDMI leads the problem was still there, no sound on any HD channel.

So the issue is within the TV, since you've tried two boxes and two HDMI cables.
This would be a fault in the Mainboard of the TV- which is the board that contains all of the AV and HDMI jacks- as well as the audio processing and amplifier.
Given that you've updated the Firmware from Samsung's site, this would be a hardware issue causing the problem and the TV would need to be serviced. Average cost to have the Mainboard replaced in this set is $175 parts and labor (which is usually not cost effective on these smaller sets). As a workaround, you could connect the SKy box to the set using component AV cables, or composite- since they are processes in analogue unlike the HDMI signals.
I'm sorry for the bad news, and wish there were a quick fix.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How much is the mainboard and how difficult would it be the replace one for one?

The Mainboard is commonly an $80 part, and is fairly simple to replace. The rear of the set must be removed and the Mainboard is held in place via several screws and plug in wire harnesses- so no special tools or soldering would be needed. However the only issue is locating the part. I am in the U.S. and any of the vendors I've checked here do not stock parts for UK models. You would need to contact a TV parts supplier in the UK. The specific part you need is:
Samsung UE22C4000 Mainboard
If you need further assistance let me know. Please keep in mind that we are independent Techs working on our own time, and are only credited a portion of your deposit once you RATE POSITIVELY.
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