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Pete, Technician
Category: TV
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i have a matsui 15" tv model 1408r which i bought for a

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i have a matsui 15" tv model 1408r which i bought for a parkinsons patient pensioner in his nursing home the tv says protected when switched on and needs a 4 digit code to open or unprotect. how do i get that code. thank you. ps ive tried 0000 1234 etc with no luck.johnd
Pete :

Hi there,

Pete :

If you don't know the PIN code, then unplug the TV for 24 hours.

Pete :

Then, when you turn it on, within 5 seconds hold in the Volume - button on the TV at the same time as pushing the Number "7" on the remote handset. The TV should then come on in "unprotected mode" , and you can see and change the PIN code.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

pete i switched off the tv yesterday evening so i have to wait 24 hours to do your advice.meanwhile may i ask you when i go to switch it back on again do i do it by the tv switch or switch on by the remote and within 5 seconds hold in the minus volume and keep pushing no 7 on the remote in and out until the unprotected mode comes on. do i only get one try at this and have to wait 24 hours again. john

Hi John,
Turn it on using the switch on the TV.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

pete it worked second time around when i switched on the tv button switch then held both the volumn down button on the tv set and the no. 7 button on the remote at the same time . it went on with a hazy nothing on it screen and i went to menu and continued. thank you pete .i will now rate you..johnd

Great news, glad to hear it worked.
Thanks for the excellent rating!