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Aric, Technician
Category: TV
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Hello. Our samsung UE40 D5000PW LED TV is about 2 years old.

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Hello. Our samsung UE40 D5000PW LED TV is about 2 years old. We had a power interruption last night which only lasted a few seconds but we cannot turn the TV back on. The red light on the front is flashing, 1long, then 5 lots of quick 2 blinks, then 1 long again. Can you help please?
Hello and I'm sorry you're having problems.
Whenever a TV doesn't power up as a result of a power surge, there are two possibilities as to what was damaged. The first, is the Power Supply Board, or more specifically the capacitors on this board will absorb the brunt of the surge, and short internally causing the Power Supply to see a dead short and not supply the DC voltages to the other circuits in the set.
The other culprit, is the Mainboard- which is the board that houses all of the Audio/Video jacks on the back of the TV. The shield on any of the RCA, HDMI or Antenna Inputs acts as a ground/drain for any voltage that travels down the ground of a cable connected to it and can short out this board.
Since the Mainboard supplies the communication to the Power Supply to allow the set to turn on, either of them can be your problem. Voltage tests must be performed at the Power Supply Outputs to determine if IT or the Mainboard are causing your problem.
The average cost for this type of repair is going to be between $250-$300 parts and labor depending on which is found at fault.
If you have a Multi-Meter and are comfortable testing live voltages inside the TV, let me know and I can assist you with locating the offending component.
Sorry there's not a quick fix and I wish there were better news. If you need further assistance let me know. Please keep in mind that we are all independent Techs on here, working on our own time, and are only credited a portion of the deposit one we are rated POSITIVELY.
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