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Hi folks,I have a Samsung BD-F8900 bluray/freeview recorder

Customer Question

Hi folks,
I have a Samsung BD-F8900 bluray/freeview recorder and have just started having a weird problem with it.
In the past it would occasionally fail to record something it was set to, but over the last week and a bit it's become more frequent with this, but is somewhat inconsistent.
To elaborate further, what happens is we have multiple things set to record on series record, and it will do some, but on others part way through the recording (often while we're watching something on netflix or amazon prime through it) a message saying "failed to record due to a recording data problem" comes up and it deletes what part of the program it had already recorded and we lose it.
We can set it going to record the rest of the program, which we do, but then end up having to watch the first part or all of it on the players and not be able to fast forward through the ads.
Would you guys have any solution to this?
I called Samsung the other day, they didn't seem to have heard of this problem, and the only solution offered was to reset the machine, retune the channels, have to put in all the recording settings again, which I did, and it seemed fine for a couple of days, but the. Last night it failed to record homeland on channel 4 properly, like it did last week.
Is this related to something being changed with the freeview signal?
Ps it has the latest version of software according to samsung - vers BPH-F8900EUB-1009.1, and I have checked it in the last couple of days to see if there was anything newer available. There is not.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Pete replied 3 years ago.
Pete :

Hi there,

Pete :

The BD-F8900 has dual tuners, so one of them may have a bad connection which needs to be checked out and then re-tune the system; or the hard disk may be starting to fail.
You can try swapping the tuner input cables first, check the connections and retune the box.
If that does not work, you will need to try reformatting the hard disk.
If the problem persists, the hard disk will need to be replaced.