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I have a TX-L42ET5B TV. Connected to it is a Panasonic sound

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I have a TX-L42ET5B TV. Connected to it is a Panasonic sound bar, Panasonic Blu-Ray player and SKY HD+ Box. I use Viera connect to link the Panasonic products. Whilst watching a recorded program from the SKY box the screen went blank and there was no sound. I cannot now get an input from Freeview or the SKY box. The TV works perfectly when connected to the internet. Any suggestions
Thanks for the Question

Is their any message on the display or is it just blank please?

When you say freeview do you mean via the aerial socket\ freeview within the set? as well as sky via one of the inputs

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Freeview is attached via the aerial socket. There are no messages displayed on the screen with the exception of 'SKY' or 'Freeview' in the top left hand corner. If I switch to the Blu-ray input (HDMI) 'DVD' is displayed in the top left hand corner and 'No Signal' in the centre of the screen. (I would expect this as the Blu-ray was switched off. The reason for the late reply is that your web server was down yesterday.

OK thanks for the info
You said you switched everything off but did you do this at wallpower?wait for 5 mins then replugged everything back in again?if not please do that thank you.
If its the same doing that then please press the menu button of the sets own remote control does the menu come up OK?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Everything was switched off at the wall socket. The hdmi cables were removed (SKY and DVD). The SKY card was also removed. The system was switched off for at least 10 minutes. Even with the HDMI cables removed no signal was detected through the AV socket (Freeview). I was able to access the TV menu and with the aid of the TV manual check every option available. For some unknown reason the system seems to have rectified itself as it now works as expected. However, I still wish to know what caused the problem. It seems that it is a software issue as the TV seems to think there is still an input from a disconnected HDMI port hence not allowing input from the AV input.

Tony yes the firmware has a glitch with the set now their is an upgrade of firmware for this set here
If you cant paste the above into your browser let me know I will provide a clickable link
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I've just checked the firmware version on the TV and according to the link you sent me it is the current version (ver 1.267). As I'm paranoid I check for software updates on a fairly regular basis. It would seem that the problem I have was not addressed on that update. Where do we go from here?


We just move on with the troubleshooting now yes the firmware wont take if its the same version can you just clear up what you mean by the freeview?are you referring to the in-built freeview tuner in the set?so you plug in arial lead and retune and your getting nothing?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The TV has an inbuilt freeview tuner. The aerial plugs into the AV socket at the rear of the set. Under normal circumstances this works fine. It's just a case of selecting the AV socket as the input port.


No thats not the AV socket thats the coax socket so you mean the freeview built into TV thats fine.

OK the sets working the new firmware wont take because of same version OK the only option open to you now is to reset the TV back to factory default or shipping default in the settings menu however only do that if the fault re-occurs this will re-initialise the firmware, any further issues after that then the mainboard will need to be considered to be replaced

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Strangely enough I considered resetting the TV to it's Factory settings and as you can imagine I was reluctant to do that due to the amount of setup required for the added components. However, if the problem reoccurs that would seem to be the only option. At least it might solve the lip-sync problems too!

Tony yes you will have to do that

Tony if you have lip sync issues and the set or the supplied source does not have a way of correcting it (some do)then its again firmware however I do know panasonic can be slow to bring out an update and this is probably what is required

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I have sold Panasonic Toughbooks (Laptops) to the MOD for nearly 20 years. In my experience once a product has been replaced by an updated version they are no longer interested. I can only assume they have the same strategy with their consumer products which probably explains their current financial problems. It's a shame as they can (on occasions) produce some really good stuff!

Tony your probably right if you want to replace the mainboard at any time please let me know, I will provide all the details to do that

Thanks again