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Aric, Technician
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I have a new tv with only 1 scart in/out plus a set of 5

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I have a new tv with only 1 scart in/out plus a set of 5 phono sockets called AV2 in. If I use the scart for my dvd player with surround sound as this I understand requires both in/out. I also have a sky box and a dvd player/recorder which are linked by scart. Can I connect to TV by phono lead and the other end of lead a scart plug into dvd player? If so do I need a 5 plug phono to scart or a 3 plug phono? Whatever I need please tell what it is called so I get the right one Thanks Mel XXXXXX

Hello, It would be helpful if you could reply back with the Model Number off of the back of the TV.
As well as....The Make and Model of the Home Theater.
The Make and Model of the DVD player.
With details I can give you specific hookup instructions, as well as links to purchase any adapters/converters necessary.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


The TV is a new LG-55LB650V

Surround system is built in to a dvd player and is also a LG

Model is LH-T550TB

The DVD Player/Recorder that is linked by scart is a Pioneer

Model DVR-420H

Look forward to hearing from you


Thanks for the reply Mel.
Okay, so the Sky box is already connected to the Pioneer, and the Scart lead from the Sky box will send both Video AND Audio to the Pioneer to playback- so no additional Audio feed from the TV is necessary.
Then you simply need either the Scart OR the 5 colored component video cables from the Pioneer to the TV.
The sound is coming into the Pioneer from the Sky box- so no additional connection is needed for sound.
The video is coming into the Pioneer from the SKy box, then one feed is running from the Pioneer to the TV, that is all that's required.
If you need further assistance let me know and once satisfied, please click a POSITIVE RATING, as we are all independent Techs and that is how we're credited.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

Thanks for that.

So it is ok to get a lead scart one end into the pioneer and the other end 5 phonos into the TV AV2 in ??

Is there a part number for this lead or a name for it.

I get lost on tech things


I'm not following why you'd need a cable with Scart on one end and 5 RCA (component) on the other.
You said the TV has a Scart, and you stated that the Sky box is connected directly to the Pioneer with a Scart, so could you not simply use a Scart cable from the Pioneer to the TV?
If I am missing something, please elaborate.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes you are missing something.

I have 2 dvd players. The lg one is used only for surround sound which I will put in Scart on tv AV1 in/out.

I then have the sky box and pioneer dvd player/recorder linked by scart but need to plug it into tv. Thats why I thought of scart in out side of pioneer and then to tv into AV2 in, by means of phonos as there is only the one scart socket called AV1 in/out


The LG would actually connect to the TV using three RCA jacks red, blue and green.
Then the Pioneer would connect to the TV using Scar.
Audio would then run from the TV's digital audio output jack with an optical cable and connect to the optical input on the LG.
If you cannot locate any of these jacks, let me know which one and we can proceed.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This all started cos I needed a new tv. The old one had 2 scarts!!!!

I tried an optical cable but it didn't work!! I'm lost on tech issues.

Thats why I thought the lg surround needed to go through AV1 as I was told it needed both in and out.

It just remained that I needed to connect up the pioneer/sky box and change one end of scart lead into 3 or 5 phonos which is my AV2 in only

I hope that makes some form of sense


Optical works if you shut off the TV's speakers in the Menu, then select the digital input on the LG. There is no Scar to component AV converter or cable that will work. The scar to component only does video not audio. So the only way to connect is using RBG rca connections from the LG to the TV, then optical since optical is the ONLY audio output on the TV.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

Because I am naff at tech issues like this I'm sorry if I am a pain.

The LG surround is working now as I don't have the DVD recorder connected.

Are you then suggesting that I connect the DVD recorder/Sky box by not a scart but by using 3 phonos by connecting to video output on Pioneer and the red and white for audio and then to tv to video input and of course the red and white for audio


Yes that will work as well as what I stated in my last feply. If you need further assistance let me know and please do not forget to rate my service accordingly.
Aric and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

I will connect up tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed!!!!!!!

Thanks for your help.

I have given you top rating for your fast service

Thankyou in anticipation


Okay that sounds good. If you need further assistance tomorrow let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work. I have the surround sound into AV1 and the sound only works on live TV.

Sky box is linked to pioneer by scart. I removed the scart from pioneer to TV and used the 3 phonos instead. I have video coming through when I put TV to AV2 where the phonos are but no sound and I am not getting a signal from the Sky box. All this did work before on old TV with 2 scarts. I suppose you can't even convert a scart to a HDMI as it's the wrong type of signal. Oh dear what a problem!!!!


Did you also connect an optical cable to the TV and then to the surround system?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

Sorry for delay, I was out.

No I didn't connect an optical cable as there is no port for it on the surround sound system

I merely took out the 2nd scart on the pioneer and connected 3 phonos to audio and video and then to TV.


Okay, we still need an audio feed from the TV back to the surround system. The LG system I am unable to see more than a vague picture of the back of it when I look it up.
Okay, on the TV there is a jack labeled "Ext Speaker/HP Out", which is what you would use.
You would need a 3.5 mm stereo to dual RCA stereo cable.
Connect the 3.5 mm end to the TV and the dual RCA ends to the LG system's Audio In.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

HI Aric

I understand you BUT I made a mistake when I said that I used the 3rd phono to video, I didn't. On the surround system I used red & white for sound and the 3rd phono went to AV in audio, so all 3 ports are now full!!

Are you saying remove the 3rd phono from both tv and surround and use this jack and RCA instead or should I have used component for part of it


Since we're talking in terms of second third phono, this point could you please post a picture up close of the back of the surround system, so that I can tell you what specific connection need to be made
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

Did you get the pic of the rear view of the surround system I sent earlier this evening??


No, there is nothing posted here. Did you use the paperclip icon on the dialog box?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Attachment: scan0002.pdf

File of rear of surround system now I think attached

Off to bed now

will open in the am


Component video out on surround, to same color-matched jacks on TV.

3.5 mm to stereo RCA cable- 3.5 mm end to TV's Audio Out, stereo RCA end to Audio red and white AV IN (nothing connected to yellow) on home theater.

Leave the Pioneer and the Sky box connected as they are.

That is all that you need to have connected.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

Thanks for that. I will order the 3.5 jack to twin RCA today

will be in touch


Okay that sounds good!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

Good news!! The 3.5 jack to twin RCA arrived on Saturday.

All connected in 5 mins and it works.

Thanks for your help.

I shall retain your details should I need any assistance in the future.

Kind regards


Excellent Mel, and I'm glad to hear it works!