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I have a Ferguson F2408LVD3 wall mounted TV and in-built DVD

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I have a Ferguson F2408LVD3 wall mounted TV and in-built DVD player. For some reason the remote control has literally stopped working overnight.
I've changed the batteries and tried checking whether the sensor light appears when I point it at my mobile camera - nothing happens.
Do you have any suggestions as to what else I can do. The frustration is that as said before, the TV/DVD is wall mounted, so it's not exactly easy using the control panel along the top edge.
I have a larger version Ferguson TV/DVD in another room and have tried using that remote control, but it just won't power on without me using the buttons at the top of the set. What concerns me is that if this remote control won't work, then if I buy a new one, what's the guarantee that that one will work? The TV works absolutely fine manually, but I can't operate DVD's without the remote and I don't want to spend ages fiddling my way across the buttons on the top of the set ..... it's rather frustrating!!
Can you help please?

Hello there,

Do any of the buttons from the larger version Ferguson remote control work on this TV?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


No, none of the buttons seem to be having any effect.

Thank you,

To confirm the mobile phone test, please point the remote from the larger TV at your mobile phone camera and see if you can see light from the end.

Another way to check the remote control if you are sure that the batteries are ok but you can't see any light coming from the end of the remote when you point it at your mobile phone's camera is to get a AM radio.

Tune down to the bottom end and press the buttons on the remote control. You should hear crackling in the radio.

If you still can't get any response from the remote control then you can pick up a replacment for about £11

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