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when switched on my 2.5 year old Samsung ue55es7000 hd led

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when switched on my 2.5 year old Samsung ue55es7000 hd led tv is losing its signal and screen is then filled with coloured vertical lines, it will then switch itself off and then back on again. The picture returns for 30seconds +/- and then the same process starts again. If you let this happen for 10-15 minutes it seems to sort itself and you get a continuous picture, until you start using either the tv or sky controls to change channel or volume when the whole process starts again. This same problem happened exactly 12mths ago but after a number of days it stopped and tv has worked well since then until about 3 days ago when problem started again
Thanks for the Question

During the time the vertical lines appear do you still have sound?

During the time the vertical lines appear if you press the menu button of the sets own remote control does the menu appear?if it does are the lines OVER the menu display or BEHIND it?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When vertical lines appear no sound and whilst I have never tried to get menu using the tv controls no other button works on the tv controller so don't think the menu button would work either

Its very likely to be the tcon board, this is the board that drives the LCD display panel ,one other thing far more serious is their is a chance it could be the LCD DISPLAY itself and thats not economically repairable.
Now what you need to understand is the tcon board is not checkable so we cant see if its bad or not we just need to replace it to eliminate it however 80% of the time it is this board causing the issue, if you want to replace this board yourself please let me know I will provide more detailed info on removal and how/ where to get it from.

I am sorry its nothing easier

Let me know if you can do this or need more info

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks - the tv is still under warranty from the company that I purchased it from but what I wanted to try to work out was whether the problem was within the tv or outside ie cabling - as I did not want the tv to be taken a way for 2/3 weeks then returned to find iit was still not working

if there is a problem within the tv what I don't understand is why it is intermittent in so far the tv at present will work for several hours then have an issue and as I said in original mail it has worked for nearly 12 mths before the problem reoccurring

Yes the problem with either the board or the panel is that it can be very intermittent but as your finding out it will get worse to eventually just coloured lines or shutting down or both.

Luckily your under warranty as this could be potentially very bad

Let me know if you need more info

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