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Aric, Technician
Category: TV
Satisfied Customers: 46695
Experience:  15+ years in the field. Owner of AV Installation, OEM and Repair company
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my samsung tv has a vertical white line on the screen

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my samsung tv has a vertical white line on the screen

Hello , my name is Jack
Perhaps I can help you with this problem but first i would have a few questions ;

Did this problem happen all of sudden or gradually got worse over the last few days/weeks ?

Does it seem to get better/worse as the tv warms up ?

Could you please lookup your tv`s model number located on the back cover ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it happened all of a sudden

it doesnt seem to changed as it warms up, its more solid at the top and more like snowy towards the bottom

model no PS51F4900

O.k and do you hae other equipment like a dvd connected to this tv and if so , does it show the same problem ?

If ypu open the tv`s own menu , does it cover that line or does it shows over the menu ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

line still visible when dvd playing and tv not connected to ariel just thru sky and still visible

Sorry this took a while ,something came up and i will have to step out for a while .

I will opt out and repost your questions for other techs to see .

You don`t have to do anything , your question will be reposted for other techs. to see and jump in.

Just stand by and someone should be with you shortly .

Hello, My name is ***** ***** I am a different Expert.
I have just a couple more questions for you on this issue.
1) How long have you owned the set for please?
2) If you grab the Samsung remote and press MENU, does the MENU display OVER the lines, or behind the lines?
3) How thick is this vertical white line?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

displays behind the line and its about half a centimeter thick, I purchased the tv 3 weeks ago second hand

Okay thank you. This is not good news, since the TV's native MENU supersedes ALL settings and connections on the TV, so when that line covers the MENU- we know this is a hardware fault within the TV.
The first thing you would try, is disconnect the set from power, then press and hold the power button on the TV itself (not the remote), for 10 seconds and release. Then plug the set back in, and also check that the power cord is connected tight at the TV as well. Press power once, and let me know if there are any changes at all.
Please reply back and we can proceed.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ive tried the power button but it has not made any change to the screen Frown

Okay, unfortunately there is not a quick fix for this I'm afraid and the set has a failure.
This problem can happen due to several things, and to determine which, a Technician would need to first inspect the Power Supply Board for signs of faulty Capacitors, as well as measure the voltages coming from the Power Supply.
The Power Supply is one of the most common causes of this problem. The capacitors on this board can swell and bulge due to receiving a surge, and can cause a voltage drop on one of the outputs on the PS. This typically will cost you $250 to have repaired.
The other very common issues, are problems with the Sustain boards failing. They are responsible for producing the image on the Plasma display and are the HARDEST working boards in the set. They also incur the greatest amount of heat which can cause failures such as the one you are having. common failures for this type of TV. Average cost for this type of repair is around $400 parts and labor.
I'm sorry for the bad news and I wish there were a quick fix.
If you need further assistance let me know and once satisfied, please click a POSITIVE RATING, as we are all independent Techs and that is how we're credited.
Aric, Technician
Category: TV
Satisfied Customers: 46695
Experience: 15+ years in the field. Owner of AV Installation, OEM and Repair company
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