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Hitachi 26LD5550UA . No matter what picture size we choose

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Hitachi 26LD5550UA . No matter what picture size we choose with the remote control , we have never been able to receive the full screen . Be it in `cinema mode` , `auto` or any of the other screen sizes that are available . We have had the tv from new and basically just put up with it !!! What ever is furthest to the left or right of the screen is never displayed , be it any words or picture .

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Is there a provider cable/satellite box and remote connected to this Tv?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Mike , yes there is . It is a virgin media cable box , not a `Tevo` just a run of the mill cable box and yes we do have a remote control for it .


Do you know if the cable box is HD? Do you get HD channels?

If you press INFO or DISPLAY or STATUS on your original Hitachi Tv remote, what comes up on the screen? hdmi?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes HDMI 1 , HDMI 2 . There is only an `I` button on the virgin media remote . There is not a ` DISPLAY` button or a `STATUS` button . The `I` button only gives information about the programme that is being watched at that moment in time .


The size and shape of the picture on your screen is actually set in TWO places. One is the Tv the other is the cable box. You need to experiment using a combination of BOTH of these settings until you find a size/shape you like.

As you know, on the Hitachi remote you use the "PICTURE SIZE" button.

On your cable box remote there may or may not be one button that changes the picture size/shape, if there is it may be called something like- Size, Zoom, Aspect, Format. If there is not a single button then you can set the size/shape buy going into the menu of the box. Here are more details provided by Virgin:

>> click here to see detailed help regarding picture size/shape from Virgin <<

Again, you have to experiment with both the Tv and the box combinations until you find a setting that you like. If you still need more help then reply here.

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