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set up my new samsung ue32h6200 yesterday all working fine,

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set up my new samsung ue32h6200 yesterday all working fine, except the red/white phono sockets (audio). the sockets on the back of the sky box work but there is a lag if the tv speakers are on. can you help please

Thanks Question

Have you connected the speakers to the sky box OR the TV please?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Anthony, I've tried to connect the headphones to the tv without any success, although they worked fine on the previous tv. They work when connected to the sky box, but that's not satisfactory because of the sound lag, I wonder as the new tv is supposed to be smart whether I need to activate the sockets?


Dave in the settings menu of the set should be an adjustment lag now if you dont see it let me know but most of these smart sets now have an setting adjustment usually in the audio menu to sync this up with whatever input you use, if you dont find it let me know and I will investigate, I will need however 20 minutes or so to sift through the data.

Let me know
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Anthony, have found the sound time delay and the same on the sky box but am still getting an echo effect. surely the phono sockets on the tv should work, my references to the sky box are incidental, is there a possibility that there could be a fault with the new tv?

Dave is this a soundbar you are referring to?or a hometheatre?or just speakers?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Anthony, I have no idea what a soundbar is, I'm trying to connect a basic set of Thompson wireless headphones,


OK I understand now

Do these wireless headphones only use red/white phono leads?they dont have any other input?

The ones you tried are an input so they wont work

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Anthony, yes they have a 3mm jack as well but plugging it into the earphone socket cuts off the tv speakers, we need those on as well, I'm the only one going deaf.


Dave yes I see that

Dave your going to need a converter to change the digital optical out to analogue <<click

Maplin do these but they are expensive at £50 so have a look around on the internet cheaper one (this is a good unit though)you then run a optical lead also from maplin to the box and the phono leads onto the wireless receiver/transmitter

Unfortunately the set does not have analogue audio out so thats about the best way to go with it the other way is to do the same with HDMI ARC but its the same you will need a box to convert to analogue.

I am not sure how much you paid wireless headphones?

A positive rating is appreciated thank you there will be a rating bar with this post

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Anthony, I was happy with your answers to my question and as the new tv has bluetooth, myself and some other old gits are off to Northallerton tommorrow to look at the Bose range. thanks again, Dave

OK Dave thanks Question