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, I have a Samsung UE48H6670 LED TV. I have been trying

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, I have a Samsung UE48H6670 LED TV. I have been trying to connect my active monitor speakers via the Audio connectors and have gone into the menu and selected audio out but despite this I cannot get the sound to come from my monitors. They are switched on and the volume setting are at 50%. -----Update: Removed speaker cable from audio outputs on back of TV and connected them to my Sky+ box. Speakers are outputting the sound but there is a delay of approx. 1-2 seconds ie - not in sync!! Regards Pete

, What is the make and model of your speakers, and are they currently connected to the Sky box using a digital or analogue connection?
Additionally, have you tried a full reboot of the Sky box by disconnecting it from power seconds and plugging it back in?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Aric, My speakers are Yamaha MPS-5 they are active monitors. They are analogue and are connected to the audio inputs on the rear of ther Sky+ Box. The problem I am still having is a delay from the digital signal of the TV image and the analogue sound coming via the Yamaha's. It's about 1 second behind. Cheers Pete

Have you tried a reboot of the Sky box?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Have rebooted Sky Box. Same problem. I guess I need an amplifer with a digital output.. Thanks assistance.

Thanks reply Pete.
Yes, since there's no way to remove the delay from the Yamaha speakers- and the TV's speakers are decoding in Digital, then an amplifier with Digital connections would be needed.
Or as a workaround, you could turn the TV's speakers all of the way down, and simply use the Yamaha speakers (although a slight delay between video and audio would still likely be present).
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