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Sony 22KDL - 22CX32D no power following a couple of brownouts. DVD

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Sony 22KDL - 22CX32D no power following a couple of brownouts.
DVD stuck inside.
1. how do I release DVD?
2. is there a reset routine on the power.
I see a fuse on the power board - is this replaceable (is in a soldered in connection)
(yes, I have the back off and am reasonable savvy with electrics so I WILL be careful!)
Hello, There isn't a manual release for the DVD player- it requires power to electronically eject the disc.
Regarding the fuse, yes it is replaceable- it's a ceramic fuse soldered onto the power board.
Now, when you checked the fuse- I'm assuming you checked for continuity across the fuse as well, and found there to be none?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Checked fuse. Full continuity.

Also checked cable, full continuity to and across fuse.

Okay, so the fuse is good- but there's no signs of life (power light, etc.)?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No power light but slight power on the dvd tray as though it was attempting to eject the disk. But that comes to nothing.

Okay, this sounds like a bad power supply board, since it's not able to provide enough current to eject the disc, and there's no standby light on the set. In order to get this set back up and running- or even be able to eject the disc (without removing and completely dismantling the DVD drive), you would want to replace the power supply- Sony 1-857-895-11 (DPS-75WP) Power Supply / Backlight Inverter.
I don't know what sites you use in the UK for pulled/used parts, but I was able to locate the part in the US (some US vendors will ship to the UK):
If you need further assistance, simply reply back to me until you are satisfied, at which point please kindly rate my service.
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