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We have a TVonics freeview box initially set up under the switchover

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We have a TVonics freeview box initially set up under the switchover help scheme - we have approx 50 hours of recorded items which suddenly we cannot retrieve - we have followed all instructions about resetting and reformatting all to no avail. Is there any way we can remedy this situation or should we assume we have lost all recorded programmes - if so do we now need to buy a new box? We can still use the present box for example to boost the TV signal and it says 'record' but we cannot?!!
Hello and sorry you're having problems.
What's the Model Number of the box, and how long have you owned it for?
What exactly do you see on your TV screen when you attempt to use the box?
What changed, or perhaps was a catalyst that caused the box to stop working?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi - Model Number appears to be HDMI DTR-HV250 - we've had it since the big digital switchover perhaps 5-years ago.

Messages that appear are "Hard drive initialization failed" and "Record & Playback functions disabled" and "Reformat needed" - have done that twice after being warned I could lose all recordings

The 'catalyst' - I don't know, possibly too many recorded items

Thank you for the reply.
Please unplug the unit from power for 10 seconds and plug it back in. This is an attempt at a hard reset- but chances are the drive needs to be replaced. However let me know what happens.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Had already tried unplugging and reconnecting after 10+ seconds and have now done that again but still get the same messages. Guess the unit does need replacing - do you know of any way of re-recording the recorded programmes? Perhaps to a separate hard disk or on a memory stick or something else?

Thank you for the reply.
It's tough to say because we don't have any way of knowing if the Hard Drive is corrupt (meaning not accessible), or if the hardware in the DVR/recorder itself is preventing it from being able to access the hard drive.
The DTR-HV250 is an obsolete model- and currently not available through any sellers, nor is it expected to be available again since it's been discontinued.
Unfortunately all that's left really is to purchase a new DVR/recorder box, and then as a side project, remove the hard drive from the DTR-HV250, and see if you can access it it from a PC or another device with software designed to read external drives. The software is really up to the recorder itself, so this is not a sure fire fix.
I'm sorry for the bad news on this one, but as it stands- there is no way to access the hard drive on this unit, and the recorder itself should be replaced.
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