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I want to purchase several Samsung TV's and ship them to Portugal

Customer Question

I want to purchase several Samsung TV's and ship them to Portugal where I am building a villa.
My Electrical contractor has questioned the specification I sent as follows:- To connect to their local cable service, called Laser, they need the Tuner to be DVB-C not DVB-T as shown on your specification sheets.
Please can advise me if DVB-T is just a UK code and will work in Portugal as DVB-C using their Laser supply or not?
Kind regards,
Colin Creed
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  info tech replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for the Question

Colin I am sorry you are having issues firstly we are not samsung we are independant technicians offering advice for a fee with experience for samsung, please let me know if you wish to continue.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes Please

Expert:  info tech replied 3 years ago.
Colin my advice is do not purchase the sets here and ship them out, get them over there, you may have reasons to get them in the UK however there are several reasons why you should not, the first one you outlined is the digital services, even if you were to try and use the normal tuner for digital for "over air" it will either not work at all or be very limited, and for their services the set may require a cable digital tuner specific for portugal so thats one angle, the other angle is the firmware the sets will be specifically firmware programmed for the UK and UK products so its risky for that too, and of course their may be voltage power differences to consider so you may need a transformer, its really not a good idea with TV in particular to move them from one country to another unless they are multistandard and have been manufactured specifically for moving the set from one country to another.

Now in many cases you can get around limitations by for example getting a digital box seperate from the set or a digital cable box (assuming ones available) and use the inputs, however again its a risk because of firmware limitationsof the TV however many people have success but its a risk and one that won't be known until the set is installed.

If you need more help let me know

A positive rating is appreciated thank you

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you that's very helpful,

I have now spoken to my electrical contractor in Portugal, she says there are no voltage issues both countries are the same. She can install a digital box if necessary but is not sure about the firmware, please can you explain to a layman what this is?

Also do you know how I contact Samsung to check if the TV's I want to buy are Multistandard?

Many thanks,


Expert:  info tech replied 3 years ago.
Colin the set will say in the user literature if its multistandard or not,you can get some sets with DVB-C which is cable but again the frequencys may be different in a different country, you will need to ask samsung about multistandard sets, I am not sure about smart set but again its firmware that is the obstacle you see the set is designed to run in the UK the set may be sold in portugal but the firmware controlling the set may be very different.

You can contact samsung via the website

Expert:  info tech replied 3 years ago.

Colin do you still need help with this ?

If not could you please consider rating the answer positively so I receive credit from the site thank you