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I have just upgraded my Sky+ box to a Sky+ HD box,but my TV

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I have just upgraded my Sky+ box to a Sky+ HD box,but my TV is NOT an HD model.Everything seems OK EXCEPT I cannot seem to effectively adjust (using the Toshiba remote)the "nature" of the on-screen picture, - certainly the colours generally,and not least the skin colouring,are far too "rich" and unnatural:I can`t seem to get them "down" and natural ..
Thanks for the Question

Do you plan on getting a HD set?not sure why you upgraded?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Theoretically I`ll wait until the present set peters out.Couldn`t get BBC 1 (only) and Sky services and myself between us got it back (rebooting ?).During this the sky adviser said my sky box was rather "old".

...This set me thinking and a day or two later I asked for an upgrade, - hoping that this would (if nothing else) stop the "stuttering" effect experienced on channel 413,also enable me to record properly on the non-mainstream (satellite ?) channels (I had experienced a deal of difficulty on the old box).The "stuttering" now seems cured but I haven`t yet checked the recording situation.

Martin can you get me the model number of the Toshiba set found on the back of the set?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Martin you have upgraded the box to HD but that set is no where near accomodating what the box has to offer, and it wont work correctly with that set.

Martin if you just got this box I suggest you go back to the SD box sky MUST help you with this all thye have done (typically)has offered you a product so they get more £

They should have replaced the ORIGINAL box with a SD one or offered you another box for a fee (if its not within their contract to look after the box) because you could not view their services because of it, you now have a HD box and will be paying heavily for it when the set its trying to feed is very old technology, it wont work properly via that TV im afraid

I will assume that they have connected it by scart so hopefully they have set it to RGB in the settings menu of the box?if its a lower format you will get awful picturesis about your only hope but if they installed it then they should come back to check

If it was me I would cancel this and get another SD box even that is high spec for the set you have

Sorry to pick on your TV the only other thing outside that is to swap your TV to a HD model

Let me know if you need more info

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