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My television flicks through channels saying (DV Air)

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My television flicks through channels saying (DV Air) for up to two hours before stopping at Weak or no signal. Only then, can we change the source and watch TV. The problem is getting worse and is now pone to switching off and on to the same sequence of events during our viewing time on HD TV. What can be the problem? Virgin Media said it was probably my TV as they can't find a problem. Is it something to do with tuning the channels?
Hello, What's the model number off of the back of your TV?
How long have you owned it for, and when did the problem occur?
Do you receive your broadcasts through a Virgin Media "Box"- or is it just direct coaxial/aerial cable from the wall to the TV?
Have you tried unplugging the set from power for any length of time?
If so, did that have any effect at all?
Please elaborate with details and we can proceed.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Aric

I can't read the serial number as T.V is mounted on a wall and I can't remove it.

Its a Samsung HD TV and is about 8 years old. It used to be linked up to a digital box in our previous house before we moved. The problems have only started in the past two months and we moved 7 months ago. We watch broadcasts from Virgin Media T. Box and there is an old Tele west TV box on the wall for the cable TV to work from. The TV. ariel cable is not in use.

Have tried turning off at the mains but hasn't made any difference.

Thank you for the reply Janet.
Now, since a box is being used- in most cases the TV tuner is not being used, and channels are being controlled through the Cable Box (using the Virgin remote).
So, the first thing you would do (since Virgin can test nothing more than the signal coming into the house- they can't test the box or the HDMI cable from their end), is shut the TV off, then reboot the Virgin box by disconnecting it from power, then removing and reconnecting the HDMI cable on both ends making sure it is secure- then plugging the box back in to fully reboot it.
If you've already done these steps, then the next action is to replace the HDMI cable- as these are digital cables and can cause these exact issues when they fail.
Beyond those two courses of action, this would indicate the TV's Mainboard (the AV processing board), has failed and would need to be replaced. This entails removing the back of the TV- so it would need to come down off of the wall to replace this component.
The average cost for Mainboard replacement (depending on model of the TV- not serial number), is in the $250-$300 range (both parts and labor included).
If you need further assistance, please reply back and do NOT click a BAD or POOR rating. If satisfied with my efforts (not the product or any potential site issues), please click a POSITIVE RATING, as I am an independent Tech- not a Site Employee, and the rating is the ONLY WAY I am credited.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for a very helpful service. Have a good day.


You're very welcome, and have a good day as well Janet!