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hongkongpom, Installer
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I have a Samsung tv model LT22B300 also a media V box

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I have a Samsung tv model LT22B300 also a Virgin media V box and an old (!) video cassette player before I was given the new TV the video player worked on the old tv the TV is set to EXT for the Virgin channels do I have to use the TV setting vor the video player as I cannot get it to work

I only want the answer to this question I do not want to sign up for anything more

Hello there,

If you are using the phono leads (well done by the way on getting this far!) then that is not enough.

You will need another phono lead.

The two phono plugs on either end are for the sound (Red-R & White-L) and the new phono cable is for the picture (Yellow on VCR & Green on TV socket).

You need to plug the two that you have R&L into the audio L&R of the TV (please look at pg16 of the manual, these are the far left red & white plugs) and the yellow from the VCR will go to the green socket on the back of the TV.

On the VCR you are looking for the AV out jacks (red, white & yellow).

After you have the cables connected, please press the source button and select AV as the source. You should then see the picture from the VCR when it is playing a movie.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

That sounds good, but the vcr only has two points : video yellow and audio white,

the only other thing is the RFout and an aerial point

would either of those do ?

Hello again,

If you have the choice of Scart then use that.

The next best is the phono

The last is the RF out. If you use the RF out then you'll need to tune the TV to the RF VCR's output channel...most probably channel 68.

I would stick to the phono.

The VCR yellow point (make sure it says video OUT) would go to the TV's green point. The white would go the far left white on the TV.