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Model TM-5402HD M3 C1Issue: difficulty accessing Italian

Customer Question

model TM-5402HD M3 C1
Issue: difficulty accessing Italian RAI channels. They are tuned to free channels. I can receive all Rai channels, but not consistently. A short time ago e.g. couldn't access anything ("No or Bad signal" 0n screen on all RAI ). After 10 minutes RAI 1 suddenly appears; I have time to note signal strength (63%) as listed bottom right of screen. Then All Rai channels non accessible again. As I write Ra1 has appeared on screen again.
NO difficulties with Italian Mediaset free channels (signal 57-58%).
What might be causing this? Can anything be done to allow access to RAI without interruptions?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.
Hello BJ,
This problem can happen due to changing weather conditions.
You will also need to check that your dish is pointed at the HotBird 6/7A/8 satellite. If the dish is small or old it may need to be replaced to get a consistent, reliable signal.
There are some companies in the UK who specialise in this, for example in the London area: