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Why does my Samsung UE48HU7500 4K led television freeze for

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Why does my Samsung UE48HU7500 4K led television freeze for a fraction of a second at least once a day. Is it the TV or could it be the sky box. Sky replaced by Sky HD box last week and it still does it.? Please help David XXXdavid.XXX

Hello and sorry you're having problems. When you say "freeze" do you mean the picture pauses?
As in a "still frame"?If so, then have you tried another HDMI cable between the box and the TV? The reason I ask is that a "freezing" of the image typically indicates something on the source end- and not the TV end. A good way to test this theory is to connect another device to the TV such as a DVD player and see if the freezing occurs. Let me know what you find.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I mean picture pauses for a fraction of a second

Thank you. Please read the above- as the TV itself does not have the capacity to pause the image, which usually means it's caused by a bad/intermittent HDMI cable (these cables are digital so can cause this problem). The first step is to replace the HDMI cable. If the issue persists then try another completely different source such as a DVD or Blu Ray player. The reason for this is to isolate the culprit- since the TV is the least common cause, testing using a DVD player shows us whether the issue is isolated to Sky or not. If it is- then it's caused by the reception from Sky to the box. However if you have the same issue with the DVD player- even after using a different cable, then this is a fault in the Mainboard's processing within the TV which is not something that can be fixed via any settings or adjustments and requires service. Again though, this is the LEAST likely cause of this problem.
Aric and 3 other TV Specialists are ready to help you