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How do I go about recording a programme on Sky TV on to a +RW

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How do I go about recording a programme on Sky TV on to a +RW recordable DID disc?
I was told to select AV2 and press the record button while the prog was on, but it didn't seem to work -it recorded on the HDD but the disc would not playback in any machine.
Thanks for the Question

I am assuming you have a DVD recorder?and you have a lead be it HDMI or scart going from the sky to the DVD recorder?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have a DVD recorder.

I think it is a scart from skybox to recorder, as I can record from a Sky programme on the HDD and then play it back.

What I want is to know how record on a disc +RW and then take it to other premises to play back there.

I am assuming you mean the hdd on the DVD recorder or do you men the hdd in the sky box?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

the hard drive on the DVD recorder.

I have a TV set, a Skybox and a DVD recorder.

I wish to record programmes from the TV on to a +RW dvd disc.

Yes but I still need to know exactly whats happening so its recording OK onto the HDD of the DVD recorder but NOT via Disc now before we go any further are you sure that the machine is capable of recording onto +RW?you have checked in the specs of the machine or maybe you have already recorded with this format?

I am sorry to probably go over old ground for you but if I don't know I need to ask hence all the questions as it will lead to wrong diagnosis if I dont know all the info

Also I will needto know th efull model number of the machine found on the back of the unit


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The DVD machine is Panasonic model no DMR-EX768EB.

I have looked at the instruction booklet and it says "you cannot record directly to a DVD-R DL and +R DL on this unit. Record to the HDD and then copy to the disc.

It does not tell me how to "copy to the disc."

But it does say later that +RW is one of the usable discs for recording & playback.

It starts on page 52 of the manual but its awkward

Its all about illegal copying and prevention with the discs and also the software but you will need to begin on page 52

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