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What adapter do I require to connect my JU6500 curved TV HDMI

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What adapter do I require to connect my JU6500 curved TV HDMI socket to a Scart Cable. I purchased a genuine samsung adaptor from Amazon. The part I received 01154/BN39-01154A fits the Scart lead but not the HDMI socket.
Hello , my name is***** can help you with this problem but first could you please reply to me so i know you are there and we can proceed ?
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I`ll start with the cable you have , although that is a genuine Samsung cable adapter , it is not scart to hdmi and right now for the life of me I cannot find what that cable is used for but definitely not SCART>HDMI
The scart system is analog and the HDMI is digital so what you need is not a simple cable but a converter to take the scart and convert it to hdmi .
I can find that for you but right now I would need to know which way you need this to go ;Do you need SCART >>>>> HDMI or HDMI >>>>>> SCART ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Please answer my question. What adaptor do I require

For example do you want to connect a dvd,cable box etc. that has HDMI out into a tv that has scart only or perhaps a piece of equipment that has scart only into a hdmi tv ?
I need you to answer this first and I will find that converter for you ;Do you need SCART >>>>> HDMIor HDMI >>>>>> SCART ?
there is quite a difference here , this is not simply a cable that you can turn around , it will be a live /active converter so the direction of the signal is only one way as I`ve shown you above
If you`re not sure then just tell me what it is you wish to connect together ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The equipment has scart only

no problem then what you need is SCART to HDMI and I`m sure amazon has that as wellBe right back
Here is one , click the link below ;
Here`s another one;
Not sure if this one is different from the first but different sellers ;