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My Samsung LE40M86BDX LCD Tv has distorted picture and sound

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My Samsung LE40M86BDX LCD Tv has distorted picture and sound when first switched on. It is affected by the HDMI input and will switch on and off when the sky box is set to standby / on. It is ok if you leave it for 3-4 mins with no signal source and then put sky on it has perfect sound and picture. If left on standby it will switch on by itself on many occasions. It is not the regular psu clicking problem although does display similar on / off if first switched on with a HDMI source connected.
All caps were replaced 3 years ago with correct heat rated ones in PSU.
Any ideas
Hi Graham, I'm sorry to hear that you are having this trouble. I agree with you your on the right track. The power supply if not outputting correctly for some reason, voltage sound ripple etc, will cause this issue with both the audio and video.I would replace the entire Supply if possible, because this could be caused by almost anything in the PSU circuit.I would start with the caps especially the larger ones they are the most likely to go first;-)But transformers and filter caps can cause this as well.I will check to see if anyone else had similar issues with this model;-)I will also stick with you until we have this ironed out.Since this may take a bit of time, please rate kindly so we can remain together without the possibility of the question timing out as I have seen in the past lol.ALso there is no cost to rate, then you can reach me anytime by replying to this message until we are through and all is good with your TV.Thank youTech Michael
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