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I have a 32inch lcd tv, LG of course, and have used a

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Hi. I have a 32inch lcd tv, LG of course, and have used a magic eye on it since I bought it for sky. But it has always, and sometimes very intermittently (every few months) to very frequently (every few minutes). I had an lg repair look at it about a year ago and he said nothing was wrong and i took it to a tv repair man last week who said the same. So i bought a new magic eye thinking maybe it was the old one and it is still happening. Is this a common problem or is there just some issue with my tv ? Any suggestions to make this stop happening. Best

What happens?you never said?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

oh yes ! It switches off and on again or sometimes just off. As i said it did not happen for a long time or only every few months but recently i can't get the tv to stay on for more than a few seconds

When it switches off does it drop to standby with the red light lit?or does the light go out completely Anthony
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

yes, it goes to standby with the red light lit

Its likely to be bad firmware, please have a look at the LG site to see if there is any new firmware for this model under support for the set, if not then the only option is to replace the main-board (firmware will be pre-loaded)let me know if you think you can do that estimated cost of the board if set over 3 years about £50
Let me know please
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