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I recently bought a LG 40BU800V and I can not make it

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Hello. I recently bought a LG 40BU800V and I can not make it work through HDMI. I tried connecting a youview box. I tried also connecting a laptop. Neither of them seem to work.
OK HDMI loss is a very common issue with modern sets and there is a procedure to follow, the first thing to do is >>try different hdmi products not just one to eliminate the product as the issue then>>
1)Un-plug the set from wall-power wait 5 mins then re-plug back in again try HDMI again
2) If there is a reset to factory default in the settings menu of the TV please use that try the HDMI again
3)If still no go go to the LG website and look for any firmware upgrade for the set under support for your model make sure you have the latest version of firmware.
If all fails then the main-board will need to be replaced (assuming the set is not under warranty) let me know when you get as far as that and I will advise further
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Many Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


so I tried everything you said. Some o f the steps I already did before you told me. I updated the software I have now the newest 04.11.18. I made the update using its own software.

I factory reseted a few times, still doesn`t work. I would have thought the same as you said that is something wrong with the mainboard, but when I choose the initialization of app form its menu my laptop`s screen goes dark and then for 2 seconds the image of the laptop moves on to the TV and then goes back and says "No signal for curent input device. Check status of external equipment. Try other available inputs." Basicaly that tells me that the HDMI`s are working properly but its a problem of compatibility.

What do you say I should try ?

OK a laptop is not the ideal method of double checking the HDMI because of set up issues to do with the laptop itself please try something more connective like a DVD player or similar and let me know how that works out through HDMI , basically if you have problems now with a confirmed working DVD player or similar then you will have to replace the mainboard
Let me know
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