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Just bought new lg 22m t.v it wii not tune in hd channels why

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Just bought new lg 22m t.v it wii not tune in hd channels why ? I have checked all aerial connections.
How are you viewing TV services?satellite/cable box/aerial?
What exactly do you mean by HD channels?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Rooftop aerial connected to main t.v with professionaly fitted splitter to bedroom t.v. hd programmes means all channels available in hd, e.g bbc1 on 101. T.v is advertised as full h.d but auto tuning does not bring up these channels.
So you are not receiving BBC 1 etc
You may need to manually tune in the channels (assuming the aerial is good) auto tune is not reliable for allocating the correct multiplex for your lost channels so it may for example allocate a welsh BBC before anything else it depends how many transmitters it pulls in
More about this here
Let me know if you need more info
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Many Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am receiving all channels, do I assume that channels such as bbc 1 that broadcast in hd are automatically shown in hd? Thank you.
No you do not get HD from an aerial alone you need a box to convert the signal to HD so then its freeview HD
Other ways to receive HD is satellite or cable that you subscribe to, but viewing from an aerial only gives you basic 480 not 720 or 1080 which is HD
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
So why do I get full hd from my 32" panasonic on aerial alone? I assume the small screen monitor does not support 1080p, is that correct?
No you wont be getting full HD on that either without a box its the box that GIVES you the HD at 720p or 1080p or i or in later sets 4k
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