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I have Sony wireless stereo headphones. I have an LG37LF25

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I have Sony wireless stereo headphones. I have an LG37LF25 TV only with optical output.
If I buy an optical/analogue converter with optical cable, e.g.Lindy SPDF, will it work?
Hello, my name is Rusty. If you want to convert optical to analog, click here. There are many like it, and yes, it will work just fine. That is the solution for using RCA with an optical output. The one from Lindy is quite expensive! Get the cheaper one, they both work the same.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ye that is what I thought, but there two other problems. The Sony instructions say it will work with the RGB socket, which it does not, and would in any case turn off the TV speakers.If my wife is watching as well will the sound go down on the TV speakers?The setup I have in the UK [ I am in Spain now] with, I think a Pioneer older TV, works off Coaxial output and I can adjust the Headphones with TV sound on or off and that works fine, which is why I bought the second headphones for here in Spain with the LG.
No, they will both play at the same time. Analog outputs will mute the TV, but the optical output will not on most models. RGB is video, not audio. You can also connect the headphones to the RCA outputs on your cable/freesat box.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am expecting an optical cable and the Portta converter from Amazon in the next few days. Then we will know if it works.
I'll be here when it arrives, within 24 hours of your response.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I picked up the converter and optical cable today. I have not had time to play about with it much yet but there is certainly sound coming through, but only when the TV speakers are set. It will not work independently like my Pioneer set up in the UK.That should not be a problem here as we either watch TV together or my wife is in another room unlike in the UK.
Hmm, that's one of the models where they treat it like an analog output. It's hit and miss whether or not activating the output automatically mutes the TV speakers or not. To work around that, plug it directly into your cable box. That output is always active (if available), and you can have TV sound as well as optical signal for your converter.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have been using the setup for about an hour tonight and it is great, when it works, but every few minutes the sound goes and the green light on the Sony base unit flashes. When I turn off the power and restart it comes back on again. Sometimes if a disconnect the analogue cable that works but only sometimes. The blue light on the Portta is always on.
What do I do next?
Is it connected to your TV or your cable box? Whichever one, go into the menu, locate the audio menu, and make sure the audio format is set to PCM, not Dolby Digital. That will lock it into a format that your phones will always recognize.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The settings are Auto and PCM. I have tried both and it happens with either. On one occasion I had to switch the channels on the Sony from 1 to 3, but that could have been when it was on Auto. It just seem s to happen for no reason and I have both the Sony and the Portta on a trailing socket, as we are in Spain and the UK plugs do not fit the Schutscontact that we have here. The power potential also does vary a bit here, could that trigger the disconnect. The Sony works perfectly on my Acer tablet though for listening to the BBC.