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My Panasonic smart TV keeps turning off our Hive central

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My Panasonic smart TV keeps turning off our Hive central heating.
Hive only turns off when the TV is turned on, i then have to reset the Hive system only for it to go off again an hour or so later (this is random, its not always an hour).
I put it down to the Panasonic TV's Wi-Fi, so i have wired the TV via ethernet directly to the router.
We now get fabulous streaming etc so it was worth the effort, however, the Hive problem hasn't gone away.
Any ideas? If you could just tell me how to disable Wi-Fi on the TV it would help!
Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. There is not a function/setting to disable the wifi completely, however it should not be active when the wired connection is in place. It may be possible however to remove the internal wifi adapter, which would be the best option. If you can give me the full model number of the tv, I can confirm.As an alternate option, can you hardware the control hub for the heating system so it is not on wifi? Or perhaps set up a separate (Guest) network or band for the thermostat to keep it isolated from the other devices?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Nathan,Thank you for your prompt reply, much appreciated.The TV is a TC-39AS600 and is about a year old.The Hive Hub is already connected directly to the router. The switch (where the central heating controller used to be) and the Thermostat are connected to WiFi. I don't think i can do anything about that.I have absolutely no idea how to set up a guest network or band for the Thermostat???My missus wouldn't be too happy with me taking the back off the TV to disconnect the WiFi adapter either!I did try to con the WiFi on the TV by unplugging Ethernet and setting up WiFi again, this time putting in the wrong passcode so that it never actually connected - I thought i was being smart but, with the Ethernet plugged back in, same problem.What about trying a different WiFi channel on the router, anything to be gained there?Regards.Shane
There are a few options here, Shane.The first thing that may actually be the easiest would be to do a full factory reset of the tv. If you clear out all of its settings, to the point that you aren't even ever configuring the wifi (only plugging in ethernet) it may never activate in the first place, resolving the issue. If that does not help, then I'd consider setting the wifi to a different channel, or setting up a separate network (5g, for example) just for the thermostat. Before you do anything else though, I'd like to test one more thing:Unplug power to the tvkeep it unplugged, then go point the panasonic tv remote at the thermostat and press some buttons (power, volume, etc)I just want to be certain that the hive isn't perhaps responding to the remote instead, so we aren't wasting our time on the wrong issue.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Nathan,Thanks again for all your advice. I tried all of the things you said but the problem was still there.However, i think i might have wasted your time! I was looking at my set-up and playing around, seeing what knocked out the Hive, when i realised that even just turning the switch on at the socket the TV is plugged into was enough to knock Hive off, without actually turning the TV on. I then realised that i also have an AV sender unit plugged into that socket. I use the AV sender to transmit what my wife is watching to my TV upstairs. I looked at the manual for the AV unit and found that it is at the same frequency (2.4Ghz) as the Hive thermostat. The AV unit has been playing up for a while, giving a very poor reception upstairs, if at all (probably since Hive was installed).So i unplugged the Av unit and, guess what, the problem seems to have gone away! Unbelievable really that i didn't notice it before.It's early days yet but i hope that this was the problem.If you are interested i will let you know in a few days if the problem really has gone away.Apologies if i have wasted your time but you did put me on the right track, looking closely at my set-up to solve the problem.I am more than satisfied with the service you have given me, thank you.Let me know if you don't want to hear from me again if the problem is solved.Thanks & regards.Shane
Hi Shane, thank you for the update.
You did not waste my time at all, even if it wasn't what we thought, I look upon everything as a learning opportunity. I would not have suspected any external equipment so I'm glad you noticed it.
I would like to hear the final outcome, if/when you have a chance.
Thank you as well for the kind rating and bonus.